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  1. Thank you so much!! They are very valid points. I am from South Asia so I understand getting a job would not be that easy. I will think over what you have said and then take a call. Have a nice weekend!!
  2. Thank you for your reply! I am planning to find work in the US. I am trying to figure out what would be my job prospects if I do a Masters from a lower-ranked program like UNH compared to Tufts. Would it vary significantly?
  3. Hello Everyone, I am international applicant. I have been accepted into two MA in Econ programs. One being the University of New Hampshire MA in Economics Program. I have received a full tuition waiver and a small amount of scholarship. The other one is the MS in Economics program at Tufts University. Here I have received a 10% tution waiver. The program cost is around $46K. Tufts has the option of a one-yr or a two-yr Masters program. I am planning to do the one-year course which does not involve writing a thesis. I do not intend to pursue a PhD in economics after completing the Masters. I am looking at it as a stepping stone to get an industry job. Given these circumstances which one of the two would be a better choice. Being an international applicant I do not know much about the reputation of these universities in the job market. I could not get enough data on MA rankings etc to compare the two. This forum has been a huge help for me during the application process. It would extremely helpful if you could share your opinions. I really appreciate your help. Thanks :)
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