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  1. I can't comment on value of those extra two years MRes (2+3). Essentially it's to generate a US style-programme (and resulting get PhD candidates good job placements).... but good US programmes accept those without masters and prefer the top quality brain of an undergrad double major math and econ... so they're a little different. How would you think the Edinburgh vs Bristol works (both straight to the 3 PhD)? Warwick and Bristol both have great reputations in the UK. Bristol was always superior until perhaps the last couple years...
  2. Is NYU seen as the premier Econ masters out of the options in the US? Hardest to get into or the best course, for teaching and content, or just well positioned for future financiers?
  3. YaSvo - could you weigh up Duke vs NYU for MA Econ?
  4. What sort of commitment to personal study is needed to make that move to top 20 phd? you think need to be in top 10 of the program? thanks
  5. Any further info, course content or stories on the acceptance? Is this now the premier Masters Econ prog in the US? Knocked anyone other than NYU from top spot?
  6. Is the question, how hard should one work to complete a Master's Econ degree? If you're looking for an easier route, why not take good programmes from Edinburgh (SGPE), Warwick or Erasmus? As far as I understand UCL is not an outlier and Cambridge MSc Eco is a seven day week too. Regards to work, If you seek a great think tank role / original research capability surely you would need to apply yourself to achieve the highest scores, and signal a willingness to perform in role. Would government economics offer a more generous work-life balance that you hint at?
  7. Hi - this is a new programme - has anyone heard of acceptance dates and any detail on the academic level of course structure? Columbia has a high-mid ranked PhD programme and rumours this MA breaks the trend of US terminal masters and is intended to be a feeder to PhD. http://econ.columbia.edu/masters
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