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  1. there MWTM. just out of bed. so am gonna be a bit late in responding. early morning blues.
  2. Heard of hi5, myspace, frappr etc.? orkut's google's version of an online social networking site. As of now, it's membership is through invitation only. kron will send out invites i guess. We also have a TM community on orkut. Erin's on orkut too. Hope to catch you guys in what i think is the first ever official wlt conference tonite(IST) if i get up early enof.
  3. whoa!!! Ivy League admit??? :notworthy full funding??? :notworthy Bearing the expenses for your visit in March? :notworthy Hey, what's wrong with TM? I tried to make up for my absence by writing separate posts, but everything's gettin' merged into one? :mad:
  4. adonis

    New music album

    Thee by encore Well guys, I'm an ol' timer in TM and have been off the radar for quite a while. One reason being grad school and the other being this www.theebyencore.com I was busy workin' on our debut album[ It's in Tamil-an Indian language] with my band-encore. I have posted some samples too. Do listen to them and drop in your comments. Thanks guys adonis
  5. Lemme add to the formalities..... Congrats!!! PS- What's the thinking smiley all about?
  6. she mus' be busy tellin' "bye"s to peeps on YM or sumthin'.
  7. i do know. was askin' u if i cud call u by dat instead of using ur screen name
  8. Wow! am totally lost. lotta bongs here. answer - Am doing my Masters in EE @ KU
  9. will more than suffice. But i'm sorry to say tht i can't be of much help. Good luck.
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