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  1. Even if there's only one senior development person in the department to leverage? Isn't that putting all your eggs in one basket?
  2. Hi, I'm interested in development and applied micro economics, and need to choose between these two options. Historically, Michigan has had much better placement. But, they lack of senior faculty in development in particular now. They do have a lot of interesting APs joining this fall though. Brown has incredible senior faculty - some of whom have joined in the past few years, but I don't think that their placements have quite caught up yet. Brown is a riskier option (don't know if the placements will catch up) - so not sure whether I should go for the place with more interesting senior people or the program that has a higher median placement.
  3. Does anyone know what is the reporting date for Brown (for their math course)?
  4. On portico: ucl.ac.uk/portico Got rejected -- was quite expected.
  5. Anybody who still hasn't heard back from Brown yet? My UCL application has gone on to "Currently being processed by admissions", which I'm not sure is a good sign.
  6. Has anyone declined Brown? Just wondering when they're going to send out the second wave. It came around the 15th last year.
  7. Any idea when we can expect to hear from UCSD regarding waitlists? It's usually been a day or two after the acceptances -- but it's been quite a few days now!
  8. Haven't heard from Duke and UCSD. Although looking at past years, UCSD acceptances trickle in over a few days..
  9. Thanks! Its loading for me now - wasn't loading all morning :)
  10. Their system seems to be down, or is it just me? Haven't received anything from them either.
  11. Anyone who still hasn't heard from Brown? Saw a bunch of acceptances and rejections on GC about 2 weeks back.
  12. That's great! There's hope for us who haven't heard back from them quite yet!!
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