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  1. Hi, I have asked an explanation on that regard and am waiting for a response. It does seem unbelievable, hopefully the writer meant to say something else.
  2. Hi! Thanks for writing about this issue. I am an overseas student for MSc. Economics at UCL for 2016-2017 and I had asked the Graduate Director for some information regarding how UCL can help with PhD application. I am a bit worried by their response. I am interested in PhD application to the US, but since my undergraduate college is not very well-known I want to do a good MSc. from where I can get good recommendations etc. I had written to UCL: "I intend to meet the 2015 deadlines for admission in to Fall 2016 PhD programs, and would like some information about how UCL and the department can help me organise this. The letters of recommendation especially are quite concerning, since I will have been in the university for only a few months. Furthermore, I will have taken only one examination (the math and statistics prerequisites examination) when I make my application, so I am a bit worried about how my transcripts will come across." To which the answer I received was: "PhD Applications Your referees should be from your undergraduate university; UCL academic staff will not be in a position to attest to your academic performance when you apply to PhD programmes in the Spring of 2016 (or 2017). You may provide proof of enrolment at UCL with your PhD applications, mention your Maths & Stats exam result, and inform the institutions you apply to that you will have examination results in July 2016." I understand why the professors would not be able to write recommendations for Fall 2016 applications, but why for 2017? This is very disconcerting, and if I am unsatisfied, I will take the MSc offer elsewhere. Hope I helped!
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