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  1. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BS Dual Major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, BS Economics @ Satellite State School Undergrad GPA: 3.85 Type of Grad: MS Mathematics @ Same School Grad GPA: 3.96 GRE: 166/166/3.5 Math Courses: A- in grad advanced stochastic dynamic programming; A in grad Analysis I&II, ODE, Numerical Analysis, Numerical PDE, Optimization, Measure Theory, Complex Analysis; taking grad Functional Analysis, Algebraic Topology, Abstract Algebra; B in Calc II; B+ in Calc III, Discrete Math II; A/A+ in Probability, Discrete Math I, Diff Eq, Linear Algebra; Econ Courses: B+ in grad Micro taken in UG; B+ in Intermediate Macro; A/A+ in Game Theory, Econometrics, Managerial Econ, Intl Trade, Intermediate Micro, Money and Banking, Development, Intl Finance, Public Econ, Mathematical Econ Other Courses: A+ in Machine Learning, Senior Design project in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Letters of Recommendation: 1 from behavioral research prof who is well known (excellent), 1 from robotics research prof (excellent), one from Analysis II prof (probably pretty good), one from former grad student in the robotics lab now AP (excellent) Research Experience: 4 years robotics, 1 year behavioral econ Teaching Experience: None Research Interests:Market Design, Mechanism Design, and Social Choice SOP:I really hate writing application essays. Wrote it in one go and sent the first draft. Basically an annotated list of books that inspired me to study economics. Added a couple professor’s names at the end who I’d like to work with. (Found a spelling mistake after sending it to 90% of my applications. I think it is true they don’t really read these.) Other: Had a couple robotics papers as third author. RESULTS: Acceptances: Caltech ($$$), University of Arizona ($$), Ohio State University, CS Program @ Alma Mater ($$) Waitlists: University of Chicago($$$$), UCLA, Boston College ($$) Rejections: MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Columbia, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, University of Michigan, University of Maryland, Duke, Operations Management Program @ Alma Mater Pending: Attending: University of Chicago! Comments:The first time I applied a year out of undergrad I didn’t get anything but a subsidized MA program from UT (only applied to a couple T10 & UT at that time). I think the most important difference this time was having at least one letter from an economist. Luck also had a lot to do with it. What would you have done differently? I am very happy with my results. However, through talking with other students on visit days and browsing this forum, I think I could have improved my application. This is what I would have done differently starting from the beginning of my masters. I wish I had found this site before I sent all my applications. I should have had more economists writing my letters. I should have started RA work earlier and worked with more than one prof. I should have studied or taken a practice test for the GRE, my time management was terrible. I should have taken the stochastic dynamic programming course in the second year when I was better prepared and got a letter from that prof
  2. I asked one of the programs I had an offer from and they asked that I notify them of my decision by 5pm their time April 15.
  3. Yes, I got an offer from Chicago right after someone posted they turned down their offer on gradcafe. :)
  4. I have heard of people getting exploding offers, though I am not sure if that was for econ or some other field. Anecdotally, I was given until April 15 to accept mine.
  5. Chicago mostly. I'm also on the waitlists at UCLA and Boston College but I doubt I'll get good funding at UCLA and I'll probably take myself off the BC waitlist today. How about you?
  6. I can't be the only one who's anxiety of mid-March is returning as I wait for my waitlist offer. I'm not looking forward to jumping every time I get an email or phone call again.
  7. One thing to consider, writing a book about theoretically developing a country is different from actually developing a country. Anyone can speculate about the effects of their policy recommendations. If that is what you want to do, development economics is for you and a PhD in economics is the path to getting paid to make those speculations. This path is also good if you want to make marginal contributions to development like improving efficiency of microfinance or charities. If you want to actually develop a country, you should prepare yourself for success in whatever political mechanism the target country uses to allocate power.
  8. These are all questions best answered by the universities themselves. Email them asking for placement info.
  9. I like matching more than mechanism design. From what I know, Caltech is just as strong or stronger in that area with 3-4 faculty in matching. However, after re-reviewing the faculty, I think I'll remain on the waitlist at BC until I decide whether or not I want a full economics program over Caltech's Social Science. Thanks!
  10. I am hoping to borrow some of your knowledge about various programs. My options are: Accepted: Caltech, University of Arizona Wait List: UChicago, UCLA, Boston College I like micro theory but if I were to do empirical work I'd prefer randomized controlled trials/field experiments. My main question is if my preference ordering is wrong: UChicago > Caltech >= UCLA > Boston College > UArizona From what I understand UCLA is similarly ranked with Caltech but I doubt I will get the funding to go to UCLA. I also debating whether I should tell BC to take me off the waitlist. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  11. I recently spoke to someone who knows about Chicago and they confirmed what I have heard regarding the inattention to students. I forget if I asked about attrition. My impression from the conversation was choose someplace else unless you are very independent. You should visit both if you can. I will be going to the visit day at Chicago so if you don't make it I can let you know what I learn.
  12. Spoke too soon. Waitlisted at Boston College as well. I am the waitlist king!
  13. Waitlisted at UCLA. The only thing left for me to wait for is Berkeley’s WL
  14. Let it be so!!!! Come on Duke/UMD/OSU/BC!
  15. I think Berkeley sends rejections at about the same time as acceptances. We will know soon.
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