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  1. Request to review my argument. An international development organization, in response to a vitamin A deficiency among people in the impoverished nation of Tagus, has engineered a new breed of millet high in vitamin A. While seeds for this new type of millet cost more, farmers will be paid subsidies for farming the new variety of millet. Since millet is already a staple food in Tagus, people will readily adopt the new variety. To combat vitamin A deficiency, the government of Tagus should do everything it can to promote this new type of millet. Answer The argument is about a millet developed by an organisation which helps combat vitamin A deficiency. At first glance the argument does look cogent but there are several aspects in which it is lacking. Vitamin A deficiency is due to low exposure of sun rays. In the argument there is no mention of the testing of the new breed of millet. It is widely know fact that genetically modified substances may prove to be pernicious to humans. There is strong possibility that after adopting to the new breed of millets there may side-effects experienced by the people. The argument further states that farmers will be paid subsidy on farming the new variety of mullet which is certainly a good thing. However it would be imprudent to assume that the people will readily adopt to it.Since the cost of the new variety is high and there may be farmers who cultivate vegetables other than millet.For them adopting to the new variety might prove to be difficult. Lastly instead urging the government to promote the new type of millet it would be beneficial if there is a focus on improving the agricultural facilities at Tagus.Thus resulting in a better life for the people.
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