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  1. Looks like a Boston U interview (marketing - quant) just hit Grad Cafe. Hopefully CB is separate.
  2. Ok, I guess you and I still have our fingers crossed for those!
  3. I'm hoping the first two weeks in February will be more eventful.
  4. Are schools (Marketing - CB) moving much slower this year than in previous years? I've only seen movement from two of the schools I applied to, and I'm not even sure if they were CB. I'm starting to get very nervous that I didn't get accepted anywhere! :dejected:
  5. Within departments, marketing for example, are invitations for Quant and CB usually sent out together or separate?
  6. Is there usually only one batch of interviews, or are there multiple? I applied to both ASU & Stanford, but didn't get an interview invite for either. Should I take this as an implicit rejection and move on?
  7. I saw a interview for Marketing (Quant) from ASU on Grad Cafe. I'm a Marketing (Consumer Behavior) applicant. Do quant and CB send out interviews at different times, or do programs tend to send out interviews for both areas simultaneously?
  8. I still haven't heard from any of my programs (CB).... I check Urch and Grad Cafe at least seven times per day. This is miserable....
  9. I applied for a Ph.D. in marketing (consumer behavior) at the following 18 schools, and haven't heard anything back, yet. Fingers crossed! Harvard Duke Cornell UC Berkeley Carnegie Mellon Yale NYU Columbia Stanford U Houston UNC UF ASU Boston U U Chicago UT Austin Georgia Tech U Tennessee
  10. Howdy everyone, I've been checking the forum daily (well, multiple times a day) waiting for a 2016 Sweat Thread to be created, but I haven't seen one. I decided to create one where we can all discuss our admissions/rejections/interviews, etc.
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