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  1. thanks for the answer mate. i want to study political economy during phd so i do not think so i will benefit from the EME program of LSE. What do you think about Bocconi or SSE?
  2. hello, i am a master of finance student in Bocconi university. i have a bachelor degree in economics and wanted to continue on it but decided to switch to finance due to some restraints (my scholarship from European Union only allows me to register in one year programs; and as you know msc in econ programs are 2 year) i do not hate finance but i do not love it as much as economics. besides, i beleive that that business life is not suitable for me. i have a great interest in economics which -unfortunately- revealed in my last years in bachelor degree. therefore, i do not have a high gpa (2.86) but a great interst in economics. so i have some concerns about for pursuing a phd degree. i will be very happy if you can help me. although i have taken some math courses (calculus, statistics, linear algebra, econometrics), i am not sure that it is sufficient for a phd in economics. plus, i do not have very shiny grades on math (because i was not studying at all, i mostly entered the exams mostly 1-2 hours of study and survived with my previous high school math knowledge. as i mentioned above, i was not a hardworking student in my first years do to my lack of interest in economics). calculus101: c+ calculus102:c+ statistics1: c statistics2: c econometrics: c linear algebra: b+ so do you recommend me to get a phd? can i survive a phd program (especially the math part)? if so which masters program do you recommend for me (i assume taking an ma degree will improve my chances for phd admission, especially for a low gpa guy like me) thank you for your answers which will help me to shape next 50 years of my life
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