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  1. Don't panic! You can do it :encouragement:
  2. Donna

    EFSET English test

    Hey guys, anyone tried this test called EFSET? I'm curious, thinking maybe trying it soon :)
  3. Oh the good school times! Don't know how would I survive without music :)
  4. Good job! And I agree with your thoughts :)
  5. I just instinctively tapped UK, because this is UK! Then I've read the options and I'd still go with the UK. That's what I'd do, but you have to decide for yourself, think wisely. Good luck!
  6. Hey friend! I'm not a teacher, but I hope my corrections can help you a little :) Good job! Good luck with your exam! :cupcake:
  7. Wish me luck :lemo: Hoping for the best
  8. Donna

    Rating needed!

    All in all, good job. There are some small mistakes, but the grammar is very good! BTW, did you take the test yet?
  9. As far as I know TOEFL might be easier for you if you're more into American English, and IELTS if into British.
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