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  1. Hi, I am attending an event in Bangalore were alumni from top universities in the US, UK and Europe are addressing the students and working professionals who are interested to pursue their higher education abroad. It will be very useful for the study abroad aspirants. Thought of sharing this useful info here which will benefit others. Register.
  2. Hi All, I am attending an event on 12th March 2017 in chennai. Its a chance to meet alumni of some top universities as well as university reps. Thought of sharing this info here which might help someone who is planning to do their masters abroad. Its a free entry event but we have to register for it. To know more go to this link Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am attending a session on how to get finance for our masters abroad. From the details I got, the online session covers the costs involved while applying masters, sources of funding available, return on investment after masters and university lists which gets funding. Thought of sharing it with you all. Click here to register for the online session. Please reply to this posts for any other informative session on Masters abroad.
  4. Hi, Recently I attended a webinar on Analytics & Big Data and also study options available at Illinois Institute of Technology chicago for Masters. Click here to view the session. Hope it will be very useful for you too.
  5. Hi, Try these links for Free GRE tests, 1. Diagnostic Test 2. Mobile App 3. Mock Test
  6. Hi, Just wanted to share some important & useful info about a online webinar which I am going to attend on 14th Oct 2016. Webinar is conducted by Director of Carnegie Mellon University live from Pittsburg, USA. Click here to know more about the webinar. See you there! :)
  7. Hi, Anyone from Chennai ? There is an event happening on 20 August 2016 where Alumni from Top U.S. Universities are meeting at one place. People who are looking for a Masters/Ph.D abroad are invited to meet them. Click here to know more. I hope this info is useful.
  8. Hi, You can try this Free Mock Test.
  9. Hi, As I mentioned earlier I attended the Scholarship & Funding Opportunities for MS in US webinar conducted by Galvanize Test Prep. It was very useful and informative. Recording is available in YouTube. Click here to view the recording.
  10. Hi, Before taking the actual GRE test, I took a diagnostic test to find out where I stand and to know my strength and weakness. The test which I took gave me a better understanding of my weak areas. I would say, that is also one of the reason for my good GRE score of 338. I felt sharing the same here would help others. Click here to take the test. Please share your feedback after taking the test.
  11. I am attending an information session to know details about Scholarship and Funding Opportunities for MS in US. Thought of sharing the details here.. Click here to register for the session. Hope this will help others.
  12. You can try Galvanize Test Prep GRE Online Program. Excellent coaching with state of the art technology support. They even have a mobile app for GRE preparation with lots of practice questions and explanations. Click here to download their Mobile App. They also have lots of free resources like Diagnostic Test, Mock Test, Demo Video Lessons and Slides. Addition to that every month they conduct free webinars not only on GRE but also they invite Top Universities to conduct sessions.
  13. It depends on how much time you have for your GRE test. Have you booked for your GRE test? If yes, When?
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