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  1. Figures crossed about Cornell and Georgia State waitlists! Last week. C'mon guys!
  2. I think Rochester is better than Maryland on macro, so I'd choose Rochester.
  3. My 2 cents: If you got into another top 11 US News program (except for Penn), I'd go there instead of U Chicago. Otherwise, I'd go to Chicago.
  4. This post was exactly what I was thinking about when I was going to respond to this thread! Well-said.
  5. We have recommended that you re-take the GRE, because we believe you will be able to get into a much better PHD program... A 161 is not even 80 percentile on the GREs... It'll hurt you at a lot of schools.
  6. Then definitely apply to LSE. Also, with your stellar background: consider applying to US PHD programs alongside your LSE application.
  7. I'm a current graduate student at a similar middle ranking institution and when I applied, my advisors told me exactly that as a prerequisite to admissions in a top 30 place, so either my advisors are wrong and I got a higher than average result. But that help the OP know that if you get your GRE score as high as possible, it doesn't hurt.
  8. Then you won't get into the good programs on your list. Most of those good programs on your list have an average GRE Quant score of above 167. I've heard that a score of 167 might not be good enough to get into some of those good ones and only a score of 170 MIGHT guarantee success.
  9. Retake the Quant. Aim for close to a perfect score and you'll have a chance at the better schools on your list.
  10. I'd say a school below the top 30 would probably be the kind of program you're going to get in. Of course, I could be wrong.
  11. Seconded. You should perhaps not use your TA's recommendation...
  12. You're not competitive for a top 50. You don't have the math scores and you come from a low ranked school. You might be able to get into a school ranked below that.
  13. What's the ranking of the school that you're coming from? This will help whomever is trying to give you advice.
  14. Another thing to add that is anecdotal: One of my HS friends went to Umass Amherst and had a perfect GPA as an econ major, got a perfect GRE Q score and was only able to get into two top 40 programs. I think it's difficult to get into a really great program from Umass due to its low ranking.
  15. I got accepted into several top ranked master's program in the US and in Europe without advanced micro and macro... I had only 4 total econ classes to begin my master's program too! So that's not necessarily true to be accepted into any decent MAs without taking advanced micro and macro, but I think it might possibly help your grades in the master's program!
  16. I don't know exactly, but it really depends on how strong your profile is. If you enter in the program with a decent program and make it to the top of the class and get top of the notch recommendations from there, I can't see why you can't enter a top 10-30 program. But if you entered in Tufts with a mediocre profile and don't do well, then well your chances are not good for a top 30 program.
  17. I don't know how many people in these programs actually want to do a PHD. Just from a few anecdotal examples, a very small percentage of people in my program and some of my friends' programs actually want to apply to a PHD program. And not many of them have a shot at a T20 program.
  18. Oops *deleted* I thought you meant Oregon State University.
  19. Tufts is a much smaller program than Duke's program, so I'd assume that is the case for placements. If you need a working paper or a thesis, then the Tufts one might be better.
  20. I've talked to my recommender and he says that they have even placed the odd one in a top five program once every couple of years. I also know someone (a pretty big professor nowadays located in a top 20 school) who went to the Tufts MA program a while back.
  21. UC Denver is not even a top 40 program itself. It might place the odd student at a top 40 school, but I think *might not be right* that these might be international and non-domestic students.
  22. Federal Reserve website, NBER website and various departments' websites. You can ask around in your department too.
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