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  1. While the author states that most of the American Universities occupied the largest portion in the list of top universities, it is totally obscure that whether the Universities rated are from wide range of courses and fields. The universities which are listed as Top Universities may belong to the same specific field, say, Computer Science. The author never mentioned about the variety of fields taken into account for the survey. Secondly, the author indicates that most of the world's laureates and scientific papers are established by Top American Universities. Here, a large number of critics can be raised with respect to this context. For example: What is the ratio of the total number of universities in America to the Universities that produce achievements? If the number of universities is much higher than the achievements produced, then it would result a negative impact in author's statement regarding American Higher Education. Moreover, it is not explicitly stated whether the papers and laureates produced belong to a specific field of interest or from wide variety of fields. Hence, it marks the statement of author that "Scientific output of American institutions is unparalleled". The author also suggests that college graduates earn more than the people with no degree on an average. However, this may not be true since the percent of college students who earn more than the others is not mentioned. Additionally, the author presents that there is growing anxiety in America regarding higher education. With a deep insight into this statement, it is clear that irrespective of top universities and number of achievements made, there is a increasing anxiety. This may not only due to increased student debts but also due to other factors such as the involvement of students, study environment, harassment in study place. Thus, irrespective of the academic achievements made by the Universities and high pay of college graduates, the author believes that a inner state turmoil is prevailing in America regarding higher studies due to high debts and low returns. But this many not be true since there are many plausible fallacies and the author doesn't provide any cognitive flow of ideas.
  2. Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position. My Response: With the drastic improvement in technologies and fields, students are left with wide variety of opportunities to select their fields of study. The development in variety of fields, say, from Agriculture to Nano technology has resulted in significant increase in the number of chances for students to pursue their career. The educational institutions where the students are likely to invest many years to get a profound foundation, holds the responsibility for the success of their students. If we take a deep insight of the present situation, the educational system has attained a great improvement. For example, students are provided with range of options from LED classrooms to Online classes. In addition to educational institutions, Internet also has marked its prominent role in developing students career with its availability of information at any time. However, these facilities are not equally distributed leading to reduced percentage in rate of students success. There are rural areas still where the students could not attend classes in proper classrooms. These are partially addressed by many schemes (including free education and food for everyone) introduced by the great Indian Politician Mr. Kamaraj. Indeed the students of rural areas find it difficult to cope up with the current education system. Hence, in this case, the education is not evenly distributed among students to develop their skills. Additionally, the institutions would not be able to produce their best out of students, if the students undergo the constant change in the place of their study. In addition to these problems, donation has become a serious problem which blocks the students with great talent and much aspirations from pursuing it. On the other hand, it is not only the responsibility of educational institutions to help students achieve their goal, but also the parents'. Since, parents play major role in the growth of their children, they hold an important position in craving the future of their children. Moreover, guiding students to achieve their goal, could possibly refer to their freedom to select their field of success. For instance, What if the great player of Indian cricket team, Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is stopped from pursuing his career in cricket? Well, we all would have lost good player and his great captaincy today. Thus, the students' success in various fields cannot be determined only by the educational institutions while it has many other aspects to be considered. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think, it is all about how Page found Cruz in the act of eliminating discrimination.
  4. The option d is correct because, * According to the passage, it is said that "The reverse reaction slows down at LOW TEMPERATURE resulting in reducing equilibrium constant and decreasing solubility of lead iodide". * But in option d the reason for decrease in solubility is stated as "INCREASE IN TIME". Hence, it is incorrect. Correct me If I'm wrong.
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