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  1. I wrote an essay about "Do you agree that childhood is the happiest time of a person's life". I wonder if you tell my writing mistakes. Thanks; I believe that a childhood could be the best period of his/her. Although there are lots of fights which make life hard for a child in many countries, a child has many properties which make him/her happy in life. Also, I believe that a person who is friend with his/her inner child could have the happiest time at the life every moment. I enumerate the characteristics of a child which make him/her the happiest person; In childhood, there are few responsibilities which make a child enjoying his/her life more than the others. For example, a child would not think of the life charges and expenses like bringing food to a hungry family which expects him/her to feed them. Like adults, there is no burden to hold like taking care of children who always nag. A child should not take an exam, or get ready for universities entrance exam. A child is free to play with soil, make the house dirty, spit in the street and also scream. Moreover, a child forgives others easier. Consider a child has a fight with his friends. You would be surprised to see that they are friends again tomorrow morning. In Iran, we have an expression saying that a child is innocent because he/she comes from the God. This innocent person forgives others because he/she has the God characteristics. Because of that everyone loves a child. To sum up, I absolutely think a child has a fantastic period in the childhood if the adults let him/her. Many fights in different countries like Syria have taken many children to the abyss of misery. Also, I think grown-ups can be as happy as children if they know how to hear their inner child. Knowing how to handle responsibilities in life and bringing love to our lives contributes to living as happy as children.
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