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  1. Kindly give feedback on below essay Issue task: In any field those in power should step down after five years Reason : The easiest path to success for any enterprises is revitalization through new leadership. More the experience more the banality. The success of any enterprise is contingent upon the leader and his views. In any field the leaders should step down after five years giving way for the new leadership for enterprise success. The leaders in the same enterprise for more than 5 years lead to want of new ideas, new innovations as they continue to base their ideas on those ideas they put into reality years back. Enterprises which are not growing will vanish one day. Barack Obama in his first term of presidency, implemented many ideas like health care. It continued in his second term too. Although there was no problem with the health care there are better ideas out there which can make health care cheaper and forthcoming to all citizens of America. The new idea may cut the tax rates completely for medicines. Some part of the tax collected may be specially reserved to pay the medical cost of those who are in need, instead of having insurance. Implementing this idea will certainly costs less than the existing health care. As the leaders get more experienced, the surrounding and the leader become languid. With only quotidian work the enterprises become stagnant. The company Mozart Inc 's revenue has been declining year by year. Hence the board members of the company changed their leadership recently owing to no growth in the industry. Now the new leader, Joy is much more enthusiastic in his work as the company is new for him. Also the employees have started working hard under the direction of Joy. Subsequently the revenue of the company has increased by two fold in the same quarter.A change is needed once in a while whether it is a small startup or a big corporation so that the company grows in new direction. With the same leader in place for years the venality of the leader grows. The force under him becomes unhappy causing them to abandon the enterprise.No workforce and no money for the enterprise will make the enterprise doomed. In India, the chief of political party Congress, Sonia Gandhi became so corrupt that ultimately the citizens of India chose NDA over Congress in their 2014 election. The congress was in power for 10 years and now it is counting its last day. If the leadership was changed in India then, the citizens would not have had days without no hope. There is always an exception in everything whether it is the existing leadership or new leadership. The new leader of an enterprise might be naive and could make the enterprise utter flop. Hence sometimes experienced leaders know what is best for the enterprise and can take it a way forward. In any field there are leaders with more than 5 years experience and there are leaders who are young to the organization. The success of the organization depends on how the leader takes the organization forward. Revitalization might be required if the enterprise is stagnant, giving way for the new bud to grow up and take care of the organization and the cycle continues.
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