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  1. Thx a lot! I will try to learn as much as I possibly can :]
  2. Thanks for the advice! I actually haven't taken any course in econometrics before (which is kind of weird as a business student for 5 years). I am currently taking a online econometrics course, hoping to have a slightly better learning experience once the fall semester started lol
  3. Can anyone share some insights on math skills required for archival accounting research? I have been attending summer math camp at my school and found courses like real analysis and optimization difficult. I have never taken these courses before. Wondering if it is necessary to spend more time learning these two courses myself (apparently a summer camp is not enough for me to catch up), or these materials may be more important for students in CIS, OM, etc, and I should focus on research and others? What are some most important math subjects for archival financial accounting research? Thx!
  4. I feel exactly the same. Some schools remain so quiet (or maybe it's just I think they are)
  5. My situation is quite complicated here, since I have a valid visa but it is for working purposes. Thanks for the advice anyway!
  6. Hey guys. Does anyone know the percentage of accounting programs which have campus interviews before they admit students? My situation is really unique because of my visa status. Would it necessarily hurt me if I ask for an alternative interview when a school offers a campus interview?
  7. Hi. I heard back from the Accounting program in the middle of December.
  8. It's been so quiet after the winter break. just wondering if it is true that most of schools in the US would not have rolling basis for accounting phd programs coz I have submitted most of my schools 2-3 days before the deadline or even on the due date. :hmm:Would this make my applications less favorable? Anyone of you have similar concerns? (Or maybe I'm just overthinking because of this silence lol
  9. What you said here is true. Preparations that I have done when I wrote my statement of purpose really helped a lot! And yes, they said there will another campus visit in January and I shall hear from them in this week.
  10. Yes. I think the conversation went well, but honestly as an applicant, I can never tell. They asked some general questions such as why UArk and why PhD. Nothing technical.
  11. Thank you! I have the same quant issue in GMAT with you and fortunately they didn't bring up during the interview haha.
  12. Thank you for your suggestions on the time management. I did research on the school and their faculty research before applying, and I mentioned the professor whose research fits my interests in the SOP and he happens to be the one that is going interview me. I guess it will be easier for me to prepare with what I have at hand right now.
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