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  1. Thanks for your responses :)
  2. So I just wanted to confirm - are they unable to resend my offer to the next person on the waitlist? If that’s not the case, I don’t see the ethical dilemma if I correct this early on. If it is the case, I don’t disagree with the ethics, and am happy to attend the University.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently accepted an offer, thinking it would be my best one, so that I could start the Visa process ASAP. However, I’ve recently received an offer from another two schools, both with better funding and one with better research alignment. The offer I accepted was online and through the university’s portal, and also via an email confirmation to the recruiting professors (BTW these are all US unis) and for a finance PhD. I have not yet filled out any i20 forms. If I were to decline the accepted offer now, would it look really bad on me? I have heard universities aren’t able to provide further admissions once they’ve made an offer out that’s been accepted (e.g., if there are 4 slots and one person accepts and declines, they may only take 3 students for that year). Is this true, even in the case I rescind my acceptance well before April the 15th (I.e., within the next week or two)?. Would it potentially give me a really bad name in a few academic circles, and ruin any chances of ever working at that university later on? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello, I was wondering what exactly is the consensus in terms of declining an offer after accepting, if it is still early on in the process? For instance, I accepted an offer last week so that I could promptly begin with the visa process, and 3 days letter received an unexpected interview from a school that I didn't think I had a shot at. The funding in my first offer is also on the lower end compared to this other school. I have heard it's bad to accept and then decline, as that school is no longer able to extend offers furthermore to other students. Is this true? Or is that only if you accept and decline after April the 15th? Whilst I am happy to attend my current school, if given an unrestricted choice, I would 100% go with the other school as it is a better research fit and higher funding. Is there likely to be any lasting consequences? For the first school, I have talked extensively to the faculty, and they have been very warm and welcoming. Would this completely tatter the relationship and give me a bad name in the circle?
  5. Hello, thanks for your reply. Regarding the raw scores - I assume these are available immediately? I was under the assumption that Universities do not look at writing scores (this is the integrated reasoning essay?). In any case, I could also do a sitting on the 1st of December, but I was just thinking that the more time I have to study for the GMAT, the better, so why not?
  6. Hi all, I will be applying to PhD in Finance programs (All US schools) this year, and wanted to clarify a point about application deadlines and score submission. There are certain schools with a deadline on the 15th of December. If I were to sit the GMAT on the 8th of December, is this acceptable? The GMAC website says that it can take up to 20 calendar days to send scores through to universities, so does that mean my application may be rejected due to it being incomplete if the scores are not sent through? Thanks, Nacho
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