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  1. It really depends on what kind of institution you are coming from. Some have very difficult undergrad programs but a very low ranked graduate program and so the classes for graduate students are significantly easier (this was the case in my institution). If the adcoms are aware of this, they might take that into account when evaluating your grades but honestly I dont think it would matter much in your case since the rest of your grades are pretty strong.
  2. Posting your profile would probably help people give advice on how to proceed. If you haven't done much math for example it could be worthwhile to delay graduation and stay an extra year to improve on that (This is assuming you dont have anything else lined up like an RA position ).
  3. I accepted one of my offers (really early I know) since it was my top choice going into all this. I'm glad to be done with all this and I really hope everyone in this thread gets in somewhere they'd like to go. Good luck everyone !
  4. Congrats, what have you been doing since then?
  5. I dont think its worth it to give up a good school like chicago for the opportunity at a better school in the future. You might not even get into chicago next time given how noisy the admission process is.
  6. I only listed theoretical econometrics and some specific problems in the field that interest me. I didnt list anything else because I honestly dont know enough about other fields to say if I like them or not.
  7. It's possible some of the lower ranked programs consider you to be overqualified and think you will get in at higher places so they reject you to save the spot for someone who will actually attend. Kind of a messy system but it makes sense I guess.
  8. I think if you post a profile it would be more helpful for people trying to give you advice on how to proceed.
  9. Seems like its the real deal. Oh well, I guess stanford econ is still possible ( I think they release on the 28th ? )
  10. The same guy is claiming 5A/0R so far. It could just be a troll or someone whose just ridiculously good.
  11. Are they sending out the emails one by one?
  12. This whole process is just so stressful. I keep wondering if I should apply to jobs as a backup incase nothing pans out.
  13. I'm from mcgill and based on my experience so far I would say the summer courses for probability and ODE's are very doable provided you put in the work.
  14. mrmac3, I'm also applying with a math masters this round so it should be interesting to see how things work out for the both of us. Is your masters from a U.S institution or abroad?
  15. Yeah, I'm going to assume no email is rejection at this point. Oh well, I hope something works out in the end.
  16. It just seems strange that no one active on this forum has heard back yet. Usually there's always 2+ people for every school that report admits here.
  17. I guess the chicago phone calls were real, too many reports for it to be fake.
  18. I guess international + no call = implicit rejection?
  19. I wouldn't expect many of the adcoms to know this fact though. Many of them probably think 800 ~ 170 and
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