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  1. Same, and I've heard that all the offers are actually the same 41k due to the huge endowment they got last year.
  2. Yes! I declined as soon as I got it so hopefully they will make their way down the list quickly.
  3. Bizarrely I just got into Brown with funding...I thought after hearing nothing from them for so long, I would be rejected or put on the MA track for sure. Anyway, I will decline, but if you still haven't heard from them don't lose hope!
  4. And there's another nor'easter tonight, hopefully they won't have another postponed meeting haha
  5. True, but that Monday was a week after they admitted people and told them the date of the visit day Doesn't really matter what my opinion on the matter is though haha, I suppose it'll come out whenever it comes out
  6. Berkeley's visit day RSVP date is a week from today...would they really give people only 4 days to RSVP? ...I should probably work on my research instead of continuing to speculate about this. This has dragged on way too long
  7. "Due to the snowstorm, our meeting with the Graduate School after which we can release our official admissions letters has been postponed until Tuesday."
  8. I looked at my admissions results and realized they can be summed up rather concisely-- I did not get into the highest-ranked (MIT, which I consider in a league of its own) or the two lowest-ranked (Brown, UCSD) programs I applied to. In between, I got in to all the schools I applied to except Yale. I did not get into any business schools (withdrew from one and rejected/IR elsewhere). Finally, these results exclude UC Berkeley because it has (for some reason) still not come out (wtf). It is possible but unlikely that these results will change--I could get off the waitlist at MIT or receive a second-round offer from Brown.
  9. I'd take a paid position at the NBER or SIEPR over an unpaid position elsewhere. I guess if you think these professors are likely to write you much stronger letters and have good placement records, it could be worth it, but otherwise I'd be very wary of working unpaid. Like, it's probably better to do a great job for these professors who won't pay you than to be the worst RA at the NBER, but otherwise I think you should seek out a paid position with someone who has a strong placement record, even if they're not as high-profile. I think also that the network that you develop at the NBER/SIEPR can be a really nice perk. I haven't done one of those positions myself so I'm not sure I can speak to the exact benefits, but it always helps to start building your network (possible future coauthors/classmates/friends!) as early as possible. Also it doesn't seem like jjrousseau is saying don't work for Chetty or that Chetty doesn't satisfy the conditions--more that the value added by his fame isn't as great as the fact that he probably writes his RAs strong letters when they do good work.
  10. It looks like they updated this page with 2018 dates!! New Admits | Department of Economics Oh boy
  11. That is true. I meant that they already tend to release decisions very late in the cycle and are also currently late relative to previous years. I just hope they release before the RSVP dates for other schools' visit days.
  12. Berkeley did extend their deadline (see here: Admissions | Department of Economics). They're already so late though, I don't know how much further they can push the timeline if they (presumably) intend to have a visit day in early April. Also, I'm pretty sure most applications don't get read until January after the ASSA meeting anyway, so I doubt those three days made much of a difference.
  13. Amazed that all those (real) Harvard acceptances were marked as spam on GC but these very suspicious Berkeley posts are staying up
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