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  1. no one has done it before in the g8 uni i am attending. i googled every placement possible. one person did post doc in usa 2 years then gave up went to industry. another did visiting professor in very low ranked uni not sure how that will turn out. sure if u have multiple as then harvard wants u. but for average folks, maybe one or two pubs (bs), it is impossible. in fact it looks pretty scary, only 70% went on to academic jobs, a few still on temp positions years later.
  2. exactly 1/3 of my stipend will be spent on rent (incld utilities etc) as well.
  3. am i correct to observe a us/non us phd divide in business academia? if u attend an aussie school, u have a decent chance of placing in non us regions (aus/europe/hk/etc) but your chances of placing in the usa is very low and difficult. in academia, there seems to be a border between us and non us schools with very tough visa rules.:crushed:
  4. of course UBC its like top 20-30 in the world rochester is what? 100? its UBC for god's sake and as u said the palcements speak for themselves...
  5. Which one should I go to guys (Aussie Chinese from Melbourne background)? I should have applied to USA but I didnt realise the preference for USA grads.... I don wanna live like a poor guy for 4 years and then be jobless or worse settle for a non phd job....:sorrow::sorrow::miserable::miserable:
  6. I heard in some countries BIZ SCH professors make more money. In others, they get paid same as other departments. Which are which? MORE MONEY FOR BIZ SCH: USA for sure Australia HK? SAME SALARY AS OTHER DEPARTMENTS: ?
  7. Hey guys, I think I will soon be getting an offer to do a PhD Public Policy (I plan to major in comparative political economy and write my dissertation on that) from a uni at home. I basically can continue to live at home, no need to rent and they are giving me a good stipend (almost equal to what a fresh graduate makes in a full time job). I can save a very decent amount of money, not too different from working a full time job. My worry is the tenure track job market later as I heard Public Policy PhDs find it harder to land jobs. But I will write my dissertation on Comparative Political Economy hoping to go on the Comparative Political Economy job market. I also have a Masters in Political Science (majored in Political Economy, covered all coursework for PhD in Political Science already). I got another offer to do a PhD in Business Strategy overseas. I heard the tenure track job prospects for Business Strategy is good (strong demand) but it still feels risky to me. The stipend is quite low, I wont save any money and I feel it is a little hard to live on it (minimal entertainment and I eat a lot). I am fretting a little about these major choices now. I quit my job 2.5 months ago to focus on PhD applications so I can get time off for interviews and research the programmes properly and I am kind of sitting around pondering about these stuff ~~~ I think 2.5 months without a job is getting to me, interviews are mostly over and I plan to find a temp job asap. Both unis are ranked QS top 50 in the world.
  8. which one do u like more? in academia, finance is more employable and salaries are the highest ever... econs not so much and there are many economists. but still decent. probably depends on what u like more...
  9. UTD rankings don't really tell you the overall reputation of the school...or what is the quality of the papers. There are journals just as good but not included... If u increase the sample size to say t20 journals ij each field then the results may well be all very different It helps in giving a gauge though...
  10. my sense is being attractive in the us market is probably 'background dependent'... i.e. they want to know you grew up speaking english etc...
  11. It is too late now lol. Well most of their students are Chinese (with limited English) so it would only make sense their placements are mostly to China as they are keen on going home.
  12. you are in management (OBHR)? which sg uni did u grad from and what is your country of birth if you dont mind me asking.
  13. i thought the demand for marketing phds in the usa is so strong that they will take anyone who speaks english well and has a phd. wrong?
  14. Assuming I am Australian Chinese...attend City Uni HK PhD Marketing...can I find an academic job easily later on...say in the USA or Europe?
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