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  1. I would say that it matters more or less for different people. Regardless I’d say it is something to keep in mind. You’re going to be living in this city for 4-6 years so you need to make sure there’s enough to do and you like being there every day. As well, consider how much of an out doors type person you are. Do you cycle? Go for walks? Hikes? Like to hit the beach etc. Being able to keep these parts of your lifestyle intact will certainly help keep you sane!
  2. Gotcha. Yeah I’ve looked at the on campus university apartments as well and that’s where I’d like to be if I get off the wait list for them. I wouldn’t worry about the internship transition as much, it’s usually pretty easy to sublet a place or sublet from someone else for 4 months etc.
  3. Ah ok. That’s cool. Yes I was actually admitted but with virtually 0 funding. I gave it some consideration. But even if I wanted the MFE over the MA, just logistically I’m not in a position (due to family and other things) to take out so much loan for the tuition and living in Toronto. Will see you at Western man, have you looked into housing yet?
  4. Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well and not too stressed during admissions. Was just wondering if anyone had heard from UBC MA yet? I will in near certainty be accepting Western's MA-Phd stream, but was just wondering if maybe I had an implicit rejection from UBC? Really just out of curiosity lol.
  5. Congrats! I’m not sure of course how strained you will be financially, but do be weary that Vancouver is the most expensive place to live in Canada. Most of the on campus housing is $1700-2100/mo. For some of my friends in recent years, it made it an unfeasible option even though they loved the visit day and BC.
  6. Congrats! Perhaps will see you next year at UWO. If you’re goal is to enter the PhD then I’d say UWO has a leg up.
  7. Fantastic news and congratulations. As a side, do you have any/in the process of gaining any qualifications like CFA, FRM, etc? I'm in the middle of studying for the FRM and it's actually made me feel like the U of T MFE (applied, haven't heard back) won't be for me (if I get in). It's just not quite as interesting to me as economics, even though the employment prospects look so good....ugh Would love to hear why Western's MFE is your personal top choice! Now that I have Western's MA-PhD offer in hand, i'm spending alot of time thinking about the decision haha.
  8. Never been through that process myself but have for some Canadian schools (video interviews) but IMO it’s just another handy differentiator/piece of info for them. Probably just want to guage peoples passion for the program and that’s easier over the phone than through a letter of intent. It’s just another way for them to differentiate candidates that may appear similar on paper. Obviously take it as a big positive because if they were not interested in you there would be no interview. They expect nervousness and it means you’re passionate!
  9. Hi, congratulations on earning admissions. As with almost every decision you’re going to make, “it depends”. First I would say you should reflect on why you applied to this school. If you had no interest in attending, why put the time and money into applying? It seems that if you are deeming it a safety school, that you applied to it for exactly this scenario that has played out. The scenario where you are rejected to your preferred schools but can still continue your career in academia by attending this school. So unless that situation has changed and you might not want to do grad school all together , then you might want to take some time and reflect on where you want to be in your life. In regards to your rejections, are there (material) things you could get done between now and next cycle that would get you into your dream school? And if so how much do you value taking that route over simply beginning the PhD at your next opportunity. This is just one part of the decision but I hope it invokes some reflection and is of help!
  10. Agree with the posters above and would also like to add that in most schools offers or otherwise stated, it will say that the school reserves the right to revoke the offer. So while a masters may not be “required” they may see that as a strong signal that you’re not a good fit and can revoke your offer
  11. Hey guys, Was offered admission to Westerns MA-PhD program this morning. I am quite ecstatic and wish everyone else luck as well!!
  12. Congratulations, good first step. In person or phone interview? What other programs did you apply for?
  13. Hey guys, For Canadian Masters in Econ, does anyone have a sense of how common it is to negotiate the funding? I’ve had a few of my advisors recommend to try and leverage my offers for additional funding but I’m not exactly sure how commonplace this is, and if it may be observed negatively?
  14. Hey aascd, as Zubrus mentioned it is usually a bit later than now. I know for the MFE program at U of T they have explicitly stated that 1st round offers will be sent out the 3rd week of Feb. Western's MA has stated they aim for 3rd or 4th week of Feb. UBC and other schools seem to state a similar timeline or a bit later. So i'd say the sweetspot is probably the last 2 weeks of Feb and the first 2 weeks of March for most schools. Until then just kick back and try to keep your mind off it haha. To help I've picked up a lot of additional little hobbies to kill time throughout the day!
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