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  1. 40k/year (27k stipend, 10k fellowship, 3k summer) initially, but I got an email to announce an increase of 1k for all stipend including incoming students so 41k in total.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm an international student and I have received admission to both program. I'm mainly interested in monetary economics, New Dynamic Public Finance and heterogeneous-agents Macro so it seems to be a choice between two luxury goods. However, if Chicago's reputation is somewhat frightening, I had the sentiment that the department is now on the rise with the arrival of Kaplan and Golosov (even if Princeton has replaced them well with Violante and Jarosch). Furthermore, in terms of placements both departments seem comparable. Am I missing something ? Thank you in advance!
  3. Somehow not totally related, but would you think it would make sense to choose Chicago over Princeton for macro given recent hires at Chicago and recent disappointing placement records recently ? Thanks.
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