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  1. To add, I think another tip to practice your writing skills is to write consistently. Don't worry about perfection because perfection will never come, instead, through practice and by doing, you are able to put into action what you have learned. I suggest to have a blog where you can write about anything without anyone you know judging how you write.
  2. It's basically all falls down to risk management and being good at predictions and trends. There'r no formula or calculation for trading coins.
  3. Don't let age deter you, it's totally fine!
  4. Congratulations on getting accepted!
  5. You can go to this website called Speaky and speak with other native English speakers there
  6. I suggest you should look at the course program in each of the universities and pick one which suits you best.
  7. Hello, I am already 24 years old. Am I too old for law school? I already got a bachelors degree in English but I feel like it's a useless degree as I can't get any good job. I love to read a lot. However, I am not sure if I can finance my law education with my current job. Please help me. Am I too late for law school? Usually, people study law at a young age.
  8. Economics is still a relevant degree that will make you have a secure job in life. If you are not passionate at Civil Engineering, then don't do it. But if you really need the money, then do it. You can pursue history or economics as a second degree then.
  9. Yeah, listening to classical music really helps.
  10. There are also short term online courses where education websites partner up with top universities. If you are interested in microlearning, there's that too. Examples are Coursera and EdX.
  11. Computer Science is heavy on math and data analysis. Make sure he takes those subjects.
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