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  1. I just got accepted to UofT PhD today. I believe this is the first round offer.
  2. Without more information, I think it is almost impossible (given limited efforts) to solve the value-add vs self-selection problem when ranking a program based on its placement records. And it is more severe in Econ since school pedigree plays a more important role in their placement. What I thought is to use the placement records to rank programs without considering the problem, and when you get admitted, you become one of those conditional students and the placement records to this specific program give you more information now.
  3. I know very little about those universities except for Queens. If you want to go to industry, Queens is well recognized in Canada. Also, their Econ department has good connection with Bank of Canada (though BoC prefer citizen/PR), so that could be a good resource as well.
  4. I have my subjective ranking below (Only North American). It's roughly based on my impression of their placements. Anyone has a thought? Random order within group. Tier 1: HBS Standford Wharton MIT Sloan Yale SOM Chicago Booth Tier 1.5: Columbia Berkeley Haas NW Kellogg Duke Fuqua? Tier 2: NYU Stern Toronto Rotman UCLA Anderson Cornell CMU Tepper UMich Ross USC Below Tier 2: TBD
  5. @aicher is right. I believe Econ/math courses matter more than cgpa. The one you mentioned with 3.8 GPA might not do very well in math courses. I think 3.8 is over the cutoff for domestic. Domestic is typically not very competitive as the number of applicants from our program is less than admitted.
  6. I believe Citizenship/PR only matters in universities from Ontario. They have quota in admitting international students. I'm from uoft MA Econ. Based on your GPA, I believe it would be almost impossible for you to be admitted here since I know many competitive students from our program applying to phd this year. UBC could be also hard. Queen's and western would be very difficult as you are not a citizen/pr. But I notice you are also applying to BSchools, which have more funding and they probably don't have a quota for internationals. But it seems they value research experience a lot.
  7. Definitely not helps a lot. But it helps to show you have enough finance knowledge, as your undergrad is not finance/econ.
  8. In terms of placement, I believe Marketing and Strategy (and maybe accounting) at Rotman are solid top 15 compared to US, but for BEcon and Finance (and probably OB) it is lower than top 20. Afaik, UBC has better placement than Rotman in finance, but worst in Marketing and Strategy.
  9. Age is not a problem except you are aimed for some young professional programs at IMF or WB. The age limit for them are around 32 if I recall correctly. For APs or other government jobs it's not a problem.
  10. I would choose SFU. Both are tier 2-3 right after big 4 but McGill has the location disadvantage unless you speak French.
  11. I know very little about the other two phd programs but the econ department at McGIll is like a tier 2 to tier 3 department in Canada, after the big 4 and probably McMaster and SFU, especially when you consider it's in Quebec. Going to Cambridge would give you any chance for a better ranked university and the exit option would be better if you go to industry. But if you speak French, I would say McGIll would be considered a good choice.
  12. I vote for CEMFI. A smaller size of class and a two year program would definitely benefit PhD application. Not to mention CEMFI places many students to top US program. Also, considering your financial situation, London seems not to be a good place to spend one year to study.
  13. I got accepted to Western MA. So excited! Would probably attend, although I am still waiting for UofT UBC and Queens. I think MA at UWO dominates the other 3 programs. Any thoughts?
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