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  1. In many cases, it's ambiguous whether a predoc or a master's is a better option. In your case it is not. A master's can make up for your lack of undergrad math whereas a predoc definitively cannot. I would pursue one of the masters mentioned above: LSE EME, BGSE, Bocconi are all names I've heard before with good programs.
  2. Yes, to amend my advice slightly I would say to emphasize professors who are between 5-20 years into their career. Old enough to have substantial experience in the field, but young enough to still be at the cutting edge.
  3. Research interest fit!! Here's an intensive but useful thing to do. Go through *every* faculty listed on each department, make a list of the ones whose research fits with your interests. I did this for two programs that everyone agreed were equally ranked and equal on most dimensions. I found that one of them had 15 mid-career professors I would be excited to work with, while the other had only 5. This strips away all the marketing and generic information and zeroes in on the things you care about. Corollary: do not coin flip until you feel like you have gathered all the information that is relevant to you. It's very easy to feel like you have all the info after visit days, but you definitely don't.
  4. Yes, there is a huge marginal difference between a letter written after knowing you for 6 months (much of which will be just onboarding) and a letter written after knowing you for 18 months,at which point you will have had sufficient time to do some impressive things. The only time I've seen a professor happily endorse their RA applying after a year was when that RA was a) an exceptionally strong candidate, and b) had started RAing in winter rather than summer so they had 12 months on the job.
  5. FYI - NSF is out! Didn't get any email but the NSF tweeted that results have been released.
  6. Another risk with APs is that they might simply not get tenure, and have to leave in the middle of your PhD. (Senior profs could obviously leave too, but that's rarer and seniors who intend to leave probably won't eagerly take new advisees.) So you should try to find out the tenure rate at your school to know how much of a risk that is.
  7. Decision* time, between the schools in the title. Interested in applied micro broadly, with some special eye towards market design, experiments and development. I value broad strength in applied micro over strength in any particular subfield since I'm not sure what subfield I want to do. * This is not strictly the decision problem as I've been waitlisted at Booth and Yale, but factoring them in will help me decide whether to press to get off the WL.
  8. My friend didn't get a Berkeley update, but checked their portal and saw a rejection letter. If you haven't gotten an email from Berkeley, check your portal anyway and you might see something.
  9. Probably trolls, since there were only two.
  10. Only thing to add to the waitlist theory is that it also applies to the top schools, since they compete with Harvard/MIT as well. This is also true in a normal year, but Yale's waitlist letter said they were under immense pressure to keep the class size down, whereas in another year they would overadmit generously assuming they would lose a good chunk to the top 5. Add in deferrals from last year and you have a significantly reduced margin of yield error for all except the top 2 i would guess.
  11. Why are there so many acceptances to princeton on GC? its practically more than a Princeton cohort size...
  12. What do people mean by "expecting" decisions in this week? Is there some information about when results are released before they actually happen?
  13. 0a/1r/1w/3ir/6p. Objectively not that bad but subjectively still feels like ****.
  14. A moment of frustration for my recommenders telling me to apply only to top 10 and then getting rejected everywhere s far except a Yale waitlist...
  15. Just don't talk to people about the process.
  16. Nvm, looked at flynnigans gradcafe app and MIT posted everything on Feb 17-24 last year. That means it's uh... actually realistic that they might have results out already. One other thing of note from the app is that they sent out all acceptances on Feb 17, and most rejections on Feb 24. So it's possible we are just seeing the tiny fraction of accepted people xD Or that it's EJMR trolls. That's my hope
  17. doesn't MIT only do admission results on Pi Day?
  18. GC posts are about Northeastern, not Northwestern.
  19. I did some rough math based on the Stanford posts. There were 9 posts on GC about Stanford acceptances, which if we assume 30 people got Stanford acceptances means that 30% of admits were wired into GC. If you assume the same number is true for HBS interviewed candidates, that suggests that HBS interviews simply can't be all in. Only 6 people have posted about an HBS interview, and unless nearly every interviewee is admitted that doesn't line up with the number of acceptances. You can question some of the assumptions I'm making but I think the intuition that there are too few HBS interview posts to be the full picture seems right. SO i'm still holding out hope xD
  20. My friend at HBS said that the interviews are quite staggered so not getting an interview yet doesn't mean you won't in the future
  21. Did anyone have an idea of how many people are invited to interview at HBS?
  22. I'm feeling the same thing as you but the sad truth is nobody has the answers for you beyond what your advisors say
  23. Aw jeez HBS Business Econ too? If you don't get an interview there it's an IR, right?
  24. I'm shocked at how early these arrived. Any news on whether other programs are also releasing decisions in the near future? I haven't gotten any such emails...
  25. Also, beginning of February?! That's really early - is that actually when results come in?
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