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  1. This is my first attempt to write an essay on issue topic. I did it under 28 minutes but since it is my first time i know i have a done a lot of mistakes. I tried to submit my essay to essay rater and it did give me very nice result. gmatawa.com gave me 6/6 and mbacrystalball.com 5.3 but i clearly know my essay is too short for a good score and it should also have a lot of flaws so i want a human eye to point that out for me. Thanks in advance. :) My essay question: Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values. Answer: The presented issue is a contentious one. I believe that schools should indeed teach ethical and social values alongside academic skills because we live in a society and it is necessary for student to be aware of the fact beside academic skills we should have social skills and we do have social responsiblities. Furthermore, only excelling in academic and oblivious to ethical and moral values may lead to misuse of the knowledge. Firstly, since prehistoric era we human have been living in a society. Each individual contribute to society and benefit from it. An individual who have good social values would certainly be able to fit in and prosper from the society. He will be well known to his responsibilities and can contribute to the society using his academic knowledge which would in long term benefit himself. secondly, we have seen a number of times the atrocities resulting from unethical actions and misuse of great knowledge. For example, the chemical attack on World War 2 and also the well known atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These horrifying incidents could have been prevented if the people invloved had a good ethical scruples. It is true that schools are actually responsible for teaching academic skills and focusing on ethical and social values will definitely divide the time slots may some time result in paucity of academic skills provided to a student. However, this trade off is fair considering the negative consequences that would result in the absence of it. In conclusion, I personally believe that schools should be teaching academic, social and ethical values because a student with social, ethical, academic values will be a a great asset to the society have a higher probability of succeeding in life than the ones who simply have a great deal of academic skills but lacks the efficient way of delivering it to the society and use it for his greater well-being and prosperity.
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