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  1. Thanks for the response. I really want to go to this school and I am used to working with limited supervision for long durations in my research career. Is there a point of asking if I can join alone? They have had singletons in the past who managed to complete their degrees
  2. I got mixed news from a top 40 (according to the UTD research ranking). They want me to join the PhD program in OB BUT they can't seem to find another strong candidate they also like to join this department. They don't want me to join alone. I'm a little surprised. What can I say to convince them that I am happy to work alone? Does this happen often?
  3. Notification Type: Rejection email Institution Name: York University Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior Date of Notification: 3/24/19 Method of Notification: Email
  4. Notification Type: Rejection email Institution Name: University of Western Ontario - Ivey (Canada) Concentration Applying to: OB Date of Notification: 2/23/19 Method of Notification: Email Coming hard and fast now
  5. Notification Type: Rejection email Institution Name: Queen's University (Canada) Concentration Applying to: OB Date of Notification: 2/21/19 Method of Notification: Email
  6. Has anyone heard back from the Canadian universities? I applied for OB at a few Canadian schools and have so far had interviews at York and HEC Montreal. Anyone hear from McGill, UBC or Toronto?
  7. Notification Type: Skype Interview Institution Name: York Univeristy Concentration Applying to: OB Date of Notification: 1/30/19 Method of Notification: Email Notification Type: Skype Interview Institution Name: HEC Montreal Concentration Applying to: OB Date of Notification: 1/31/19 Method of Notification: Email No word from Univ of Toronto, UBC or McGill. Should I worry?
  8. I'm interested in OB research. I am a Canadian PR holder so I thought I would focus on Canada. Stats: GMAT 750 Undergrad: Lahore University of Mgmt Sci (Pakistan) Undergrad GPA 3.59 Graduate: University of Oxford (M.Sc Management) Grad GPA: Upper second class honors Graduate: Emory University (MBA Goizueta) Grad GPA: Not Applicable Research experience; Currently working on a paper with Oxford Alums. Work experience: 7 years in HR and finance. I've been in the industry for 6 years post-MBA so I am trying to get back into research by doing an RA-ship.T Dream: Rotman Others: McGill, York, UBC, Queen's, Ivey, Alberta, HEC Montreal, Simon. Any advice? What are my chances given my relatively low undergrad GPA?
  9. Hello, I am a newbie and this is my second attempt to post this. I'm a slightly older applicant for a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior. Age: 36 GMAT: 750 (V 42, Q49) Undergraduate: Lahore University of Management Sciences. Undergrad GPA: 3.59/4 Graduate: Masters in Management from Oxford University Grad GPA: Upper second class Graduate: MBA from Emory University Grad GPA: No grades. Research experience: 1 year working as a researcher in an economic think tank. 3 months in 2018 working with an OB researcher at Oxford University. Practical experience: 5 years in financial industry both in Pakistan and on Wall Street in the United States Target: UoT, McGill, UBC, Queens, HEC Montreal, York, and Simon Fraser. My dream schools are UoT, McGill, and UBC but I guess those may not be an option due to my age and the fact that I have been in the industry too long? I have tried to rectify that by currently working as a research assistant for a professor in OB in the UK. Any advice? Does anyone have the essay questions for UoT, York, and Queens? I can't find them online and I guess the application portal isn't open yet. Any good links for writing the research objectives and letter of intent?
  10. Here are my basic statistics GMAT: 750 (98%) Undegrad GPA: 3.59 Graduate GPA: University of Oxford (Said) M.Sc 2008 with upper secondary and an MBA from Emory (Goizueta) 2011 Research Experience: I had a few publications back in 2008 and am working on a white paper right now with a colleague in Oxford 2018 Teaching Experience: 2 years visiting lecturer Work Experience: 8 years in multinational banks in NYC and Asia Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior (I think) Number of programs planned to apply to: Want to focus on Canada because I am a Perm Resident. So UoT (Rotman), York (Schulich), UBC, Queens and McGill Dream Schools: University of Toronto but I met a York University professor who had research interests IDENTICAL to my own 1. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I have finished my MBA back in 2011 so I'm kind of out of touch. I am trying to fix that by contacting some of my Oxford fellow alums in academia and working on a white paper with them this year (I will probably be third author). Will I still be considered too disconnected from academia for the top Canadian schools? Any additional specific questions you may have: As a gay man I want to focus on sexual minorities in the work place. Although there is plenty of work on gender and race minorities, there is not as much work done related to LGBT discrimination, etc. 2. Is that a bad sign that very few researchers in Canada (or even globally) work in this area? 3. Would it come across as self serving that a gay man wants to study LGBT issues in corporations? 4. Would OB the best area for me to apply within a business school?
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