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  1. As for including that story/explanation in your SOP, you have to weigh the pros and cons of writing it in. Pros would be that at best the adcoms would think you’re a great researcher and may scale that grade up to match the rest of your grades. Cons are that at worst they may think you aren’t convincing or personable (even though you probably are) and that you like to focus of negatives and talk about yourself at the expense of others. So I think the cons outweigh the pros, but there’s a way to include statements in your SOP that communicate what you want them to know in a more offhand tone that would interest them and most importantly, impress them. Sorry my comment is kind of abstract but that’s as specific as I can get right now!
  2. This looks good, I think you definitely have a more than reasonable shot at top 10.
  3. Ph.D. Opportunities | Yale School of the Environment MPhil/PhD Environmental Economics https://web.stanford.edu/~ckolstad/HmPg/InfoPhD.htm Agricultural & Resource Economics | Berkeley Graduate Division ...And other similar programs depending on your taste/preferences...
  4. I've heard a confession of a top school adcom member saying that admissions is rather boring because they just do some filtering by coursework and the rest is up to the letters (from other top schools, pretty much exclusively).
  5. You could consider Environment & Resource Economics specific programs too, if that's something you would see as better fitting than a more traditional economics program?
  6. What are your research interests though? That might help narrow down the list a little!
  7. I would go with the well-published associate professor, since top schools tend to focus on an element of prestige and your other two letters probably will speak to what the lecturer would speak of and there may be some overlaps. Also the associate professor can write more convincingly of where you stand in the greater scheme of the economics world, ie research-readiness.
  8. This is a very strong profile! Is more than 60/100 seen as a good grade? Not sure how it commutes to gpa. You are strong in coursework and research, so I think you can be aiming definitely for top 15, maybe even a top 10, but maybe include some top 30-40 for good measure as we don’t know how things will turn out with the Covid-related admissions intake this cycle.
  9. I think if the lower grades are all from the first year it won’t count too much against you since there are mostly As in later relevant courses. I don’t think the linear algebra timing will be that bad either because you aced more challenging math classes beforehand.
  10. What schools are you targeting, broadly speaking? I would say you’d have a strong chance at several top 20 schools, maybe even top 15, but a lot depends on how glowing and helpful the letters are since letters play a huge role at the top schools.
  11. Well I’m observing that your profile has great strengths/highs (work & research experience in neighboring fields) and unfortunate weaknesses/lows (coursework grades, and also lack of foundational pure Econ courses), and the best way to improve your odds at top 50 schools may be to take phd level Econ courses, if only micro and/or macro, and get a better grade in metrics. It’d be nice if others could also weigh in.
  12. Hi! This looks like more a Finance profile considering the coursework and work experience, and I think you would also get better (higher-ranked) offers in Finance than Econ for these reasons.
  13. Hi, thanks for posting! I think the lack of sufficient pure math courses may make you an unorthodox applicant for the top 10-20 schools and put you at a disadvantage in those terms, along with the occasional B+ grades, but there will be schools where your overall experience and success as a budding economist will shine through and you will surely see good results if you apply widely!
  14. Sorry, I missed that the OP is from a top 20 school!
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