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  1. OP, how was the MACRM program at Harris? I applied to it and I'm so anxious to hear back. The program sounds awesome.
  2. Hi all, I'm casting a super wide net with my apps this year, including MA Econ, MPP, and RA programs. If anyone could give me feedback on what my chances are at these places, it would be much appreciated! GPA: 3.6 Econ GPA: 3.9 GRE (superscore): V/Q/W: 165/162/5.0 Econ Courses: Interm. Micro (A), Interm. Macro (A), Intro Econometrics (A), Advanced Panel Econometrics (A), Mathematical Econ (B+), Econ of Uncertainty (A), a bunch of other electives (All A's) Math Courses: Multivariable Calc (B), Stats II (B+), ODE ©, Linear Algebra (C+) (took calc I and II in high school) Quantitative senior thesis in econ of taxation Summer economics intern at DC think tank ---- Obviously my weakness is math, which is why I'm focusing on master's programs. MA Econ: LSE UT-Austin Boston U Duke Wisconsin Boston U MPP: UChicago Michigan Georgetown HKS Duke Do I realistically have a good shot at some of these top programs? Or will my math grades sink my chances? In particular, am I a good bet to get into UT-Austin? And should I bother applying to LSE? Thanks!!
  3. Hi all, I really don't know what range of schools to be looking at, or if I even have a chance of getting into an econ PhD program at all right now. I definitely want to at least keep that option open, perhaps by pursuing a masters or RA job first. Any brutally honest advice/info would be appreciated. Undergrad: Solid flagship state school, T50 econ GPA: 3.6 overall, 3.9 in economics classes Scores: 166Q/165V Classes Mathematical economics -- Varian Analysis (B+), Multivariable calc (B), Linear Algebra (C+), Diff Eqs ©, Statistics (B+) A's in Intermediate Micro/Macro, Econometrics, Econ of Taxation, Environmental Econ, Law and Econ, Banking and Finance, etc... Experience: Summer internship at policy think tank, econ tutor LORs: Should be solid Interests:Policy, tax, public econ, macro I know, my math is really a weak spot. Will I be able to get into a PhD program at all? Should I aim for an MSc/MA instead? How about a Public Policy PhD? Some PhD programs I'm interested in: UC Boulder, GWU, Georgetown, Oregon, Harris (policy), Duke (Sanford policy)... Masters: LSE, PSE, Barcelona, Duke, Tillburg, Tolouse Am I in over my head or just psyching myself out? Thanks!
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