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  1. I don't know about that error, but I've had all sorts of problems with Kaplan CDs and oftentimes, the problems were related to quicktime (which you might want to reinstall) and once I had a soundcard settings issue and also a video settings issue. There are some posts about kaplan problems here that might be helpful if you search for them. Good luck.
  2. What an improvement! I wouldn't bother retaking it though for this round. If you don't get in then you can try again next year right? Good luck.
  3. Aru did you take all 6 exams? If so, what did you think of them? Were they tougher?
  4. You may want to seriously consider an English class or two (writing and grammar) to improve your skills in general. Remember that the schools aren't only looking for good scores, but expect you to have these skills to get the most out of the program and to represent the school well when you're done. You may also want to target areas where you see repeated mistakes like parallelism or misplaced modifiers. Good luck.
  5. They're okay to practice the general type of questions, but the best practice you can do is with the OG 10 or 11. If you want to gauge how you'd do on the real test then take the gmatprep.
  6. The gmatprep scores are usually roughly what most folks get on the real deal.
  7. no one really knows except GMAC....
  8. Wow great improvement. How did you improve your verbal score by so much?
  9. I think one problem with A (which may be a variation of the idiom rule) is that the pronoun 'they' seems unnecessarily redundant.
  10. E too, but this is an annoying question because it's inconsistent with the common accepted usage of hopefully. Who intends hopefully to indicate a hopeful manner? Other words like sadly, gratefully, etc. are in a similar boat, but GMAC doesn't care about them. Just know the rule for the GMAT and then forget it. Here's a good article on the topic. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/grammar/index.php?title=title_98&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
  11. Not to interrupt the conversation here too much, but there are MBA programs that are geared towards family run businesses. You might be better suited for one of them and it might be more relevant to your goals. You will benefit much more from your classes after you've had some work experience (that's why schools almost universally require it), but you'll be able to get in somewhere if you're deadset on it (and since your brief bio seems decent for many of your choice schools). I'm surprised by your varied list of schools though. Also, if you're in such a rush to finish an MBA you might also consider some of the one year MBA programs in Europe. Anyway, that's my two cents....
  12. Hey folks, I'm curious what you all think about Cornell. It has some attractive advantages like being an Ivy with decent name recognition, some specific programs for technical folks like me, and good starting salaries. I'm also considering MIT, Kellogg, and Columbia (K+C both have nontraditional programs and MIT has a dual masters program in Engineering + MBA). They're all great schools so it's tough to prioritize. MIT and Kellogg seem slightly superior and better known across the country (I want to leave New England after graduation), but the other two are good too. I'm tempted to apply to all and see what happens. Help!
  13. Rokovsky, good luck finding your ideal school. Law appears to be geared largely toward precedents and less so towards varied ideas. You might get more of what you want during the last year, but the others will be full of tedious details and broad overviews of topics. I don't know if you'll find this helpful or not, but you may want to seriously consider a dual major. I know it's a lot of work, but a masters in government or some particular interest of yours may give you the combination you want. Remember too that law is one of those fields that almost requires you to attend a top institution for many of the best jobs, but your direction may be different enough that it won't matter for you. Good luck. Oh yeah, it takes a lot to scare a green skeleton.
  14. What an amazing improvement. Good luck with your applications and future!
  15. dyoh

    Cant get past 700

    Your score might be okay depending on your potential school, but if you're in a rush there is a very good short course book that reviews the major points. You might find something like that handy. Another thing is try to pnpoint where you're making mistakes in verbal. Are you having problems with modifiers, logic, or parallelism? Knowing what to focus on will help you best. Don't waste time on topics you don't have problems with.
  16. Some schools ask for transcripts from all schools attended and others only ask for ones where you graduated. I would factor it in if I could. If there isn't a spot for it include it in a separate note?
  17. You have nothing to worry about then. You probably fall somewhere above the 85% for the admitted applicants so your GMAT score isn't a concern for you. Good luck with your apps.
  18. Read these two threads How Ursula used it: http://www.www.urch.com/forums/just-finished-my-gmat/10134-760-q49-v46.html?highlight=ursula The grid: http://www.wikigrammar.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=714 There are some other versions of the grid, but the point is to track the errors you make to find problem areas. Don't get too specific with it, but note things like parallelism or dangling modifier.
  19. That's what I always heard about the OG 10, but it doesn't seem to be the case based on this document. I wouldn't only study the last OG11 questions unless you can confirm that the ordering is actually done by the difficulty level.
  20. I'm surprised that there are not more hard questions. I have found it very handy to sort by Section - Difficulty level - page number and then remove everything except the hard questions. There are 41 CR and 60 SCs and 221 math questions. I didn't count RC or separate math, but it's helpful to focus your studies.
  21. You're probably the first person they've seen do that and they would immediately destroy your application. I doubt they would like to see potential bschool students making economical decisions like taking advantage of the 4 slots. I'm sure some odd admissions people would look, but many are probably only getting an application that lists your GMAT scores and not the other score destinations. Remember these people are really busy and probably just want to read your app and make a quick decision and not contemplate what your plans may or may not be based on where you sent scores, but I have been wrong before....
  22. It means 10% fall below and 10% are above that range. Schools like to share the 80% because the other 20% (the far two ends of the bell curve) are less meaningful. You want to shoot for that 80% to increase your odds of getting in. The lower 10% is where you'll have a tough time being admitted.
  23. Don't forget that schools are trying to look at the entire person. They want to see the whole package unless you're filthy rich or you have famous relatives.
  24. Goodluck with your apps. I like your thorough study technique.
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