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  1. Thanks. Say I got straight A in analysis and advanced math courses, do you think there's still a chance for top 10 programs? Or do you think the door is being shut in my case?
  2. Thanks, I got that resolved already, I actually could have figure out a way to avoid it, I just thought it wouldn't be a great deal to live in a car while studying. I was so wrong......
  3. So here's the problem, I was so arrogant that it was the advanced analysis on my first try... So it seems like retake is a better choice here right. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I got C in analysis and calculus 3 because I lived in my car this semester and took too many classes. Would you think is a better choice to retake or move on to take other high-level courses? Will Fourier analysis offset this? What is the best thing I could do to fix this? Is this means I am out of the question for top 10 programs? I am studying at Purdue, my major is math/stat, but I used to be a finance major and I transferred 3 schools, from China to a regional campus to here. Thanks
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