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  1. Thank you so much for your suggestions! what about maryland?
  2. Thanks. Yes, I had an interview with them in last week.
  3. Since econ jobs have higher salary. And my field is economics rather than political sci or health.
  4. I received the informal one from Cornell and the official one from now.
  5. Hi everyone. I have recently got full funded offers from these programs. My research interests mainly lies in political economy, development, economic growth. Could you please give me some suggestions on whcih programs should I choose. Chicago_Harris. pros: I have already passed the PhD Q exam at Harris during my master study. So I could graduate in 4 years. Many first-tier faculties (Robinson, Blattman, Sonin, Durlauf, Ito, ......) that conduct excellent researches. And also Harris fits my research interests well. cons: not strong performance in econ job market (may be better in the future because of their great hiring)? Policy PhD may be discriminated in the econ market? Not that rigorous training in econ (compare with other 2 programs). Cornell applied economics and management. Pros: Taking most of their courses with econ PhD, rigorous training. Strong placement records (even better than their econ department) and have many chances to coauthor with their professors. Cons: Few of the faculty members have top 5 publication records. Nobody does the political economy in their department. Madison economics PhD Pros: Excellent training and professors. Highly ranked in econ PhD programs. Cons: Not so many professors that fit my research interests (only want to work with 2 professors). Not strong placement records. Too many cohorts, high competition in terms of resources. And maybe high attrition rate in their q exams (rumor?) I appreciate any suggestions and comments! Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, I have recently got three offers from the above universities, all with full funding. Do you have any suggestions on what offer should I choose? My research interest mainly lies in political economy, development, environmental economics and economic growth. Chicago. pros: I was a graduate student at Harris, and can waive the first year courses and passed their q, therefore I could save one year time. Faculty matches my research interests and are first-tier scholars. cons: less rigorous training in economics, not strong placement records in economics (may probably better in the future, since they have many great hiring.) Cornell. Pros: take most of the courses with their econ students, good training. Tight relationship between faculties and graduate students (they coauthor frequently). good placement records, may be even better than their econ department. cons: Faculty members are not that good compared with Chicago Harris (less top 5 publications). None of them do political economy. Madison. Pros: High ranked program, first-tier professors, rigorous training. Cons: areas may not be perfectly matched. Only want to work with 2 professors. High attrition rate in q exam (rumor?) And not strong placement records. I am quite appreciate for your suggestions and comments.
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