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  1. I have sent everything in a sealed envelope all notarized by notary public.
  2. I have sent them my License, attestation page, and Photo Identity. And also the ECE report. But my profile page show like the attached screenshots. I also called them and emailed them but all they answer is to wait until the status changes. Can you screenshot your status? [ATTACH=CONFIG]7214[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7213[/ATTACH]
  3. Thanks for the help. Any ideas why my status is still on 'Recieved' not 'In review' And also I have no idea why my application status is on 'Eligibility Requested'
  4. Hi. I'm a phramacist in Korea trying to make my practice in states. I have applied to FPGEC at 3rd of Jan this year. Sent my documents to ECE and FPGEC. And I got the confirmation email that both documents has arrived well to FPGEC at 18th of Jan.( one from ECE(the ECE report) and the other for FPGEC). But the thing is when I check my document status on my profile, it says that only my ECE report has been delivered.[TABLE=class: table table-hover, width: 600] [TR=bgcolor: #F5F5F5] [TD]ECE Report/Transcript[/TD] [TD]Received [/TD] [TD]01/18/2019 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I was nervous if the FPGEC documents(the passport, attestation documents) delivered to the wrong place or something so I called them and emailed them. And they answered to me that it normaly takes 4-6weeks to handle the procedure. So what I want to ask you guys are, does the document status not updated til they finish reviewing our documents, normally how long did it take to get an update for you guys. I am pretty nervous because I am aiming the April test right now. Please share your cases. thanks
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