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  1. I get it to be the latter. Acceptances usually means the student's reply, but not promises from the school side. The phase 'previously expected' also suggests so.
  2. Saw on GC, wonder is it true, and does it happen every year: Penn State University (PSU) “Unfortunately, we have had more acceptances and fewer funding opportunities than previously expected. As a result, it looks very unlikely that we would be able to offer you funding in the Penn State PhD program. ”
  3. I think it would be good to share with the adcom on your alternatives, and promise them that you will accept the offer once admitted.
  4. Rejections from Wisconsin-Madison and Chicago.
  5. Thank you very much for your sharing! I got the point of the visit. After I replied the department that I cannot attend the visit, they prodived the oppotunity for me to contact the current student and directors. This is very lovely.
  6. Rejected by the best school I applied. Is completely expectable but still depressed by the cruelty of reality.
  7. How messed up they are on their PhD program...
  8. For situation like this, LSE's EME would be a good choice for you - challenging, quick (one year), and placed really well. I agree on what your referees said. Taking a year of master won't harm your academic career, enrolling in a mediocre PhD programm will.
  9. Finger-crossed on the bullets. But seriously, your referees suggested you to apply only to top 10 programs? How irresponsible they are.
  10. May I ask if you received a rejection email from Chicago and LSE? I did not receive anything at the moment.
  11. Just saw that in GC Seems that I am a moron:sorrow:
  12. Stanford results are out. Punctually sending them in Monday lol EDIT: FAKE NEWS
  13. I agree that it is under-admitting in some sense, but my point is that it is nothing discriminating Chinese. It is reasonable for any school to prevent students from forming clusters in similar background, and try to build a more coherent cohort. Especially in a school as Yale who focuses on cultural exchange a lot.
  14. Didn't check GC in the weekends, surprised to see someone got suicidal inclination due to rejections. If you talked sufficiently to the professionals, there must be a part of them to dissuade you to pursue a PhD in Economics. In the careers of graduates in Economics, PhD is obviously in the lower end. The time cost and mental distress is just huge. The rate to get a decent outcome (say, a TT in top 50) is low. While it's true that PhD is necessary to reach the best achievements (IMO), living an average life is not a bad thing at all. Let alone you are, undoubtedly, a smart person. Living with the people you love and the people who love you is the most important part of a quality life. And you always have an option to apply the next year. I know that the frustation would be huge, but as long as you step back and focus on your life, you will see that the rejection is just a small part of it. It's normal to be sad now, but you don't have to forgo other options in your life. The same applies if you struggle during the PhD as well. Good luck everyone.
  15. IMO not so insane. One student from every foreign country sounds reasonable to me
  16. You are going to do great in any of these programs. Congras! Heard that Chicago gives decent stipend this year? That's another advantage added.
  17. I rmb there was a discussion in this year's sweat thread, that somebody shows a literature suggesting significant correlation but not in a huge margin
  18. For contents as junior as real analysis, there are full course on youtube teaching through the book. Here is one: Definitely a good supplement for reading Rudin.
  19. Only accepted by a program ranked ard 20, but got rejections from every other ranks.
  20. Not funded but ranked quite highly. Don't know if my info would be helpful to you. I got a master degree with distinction, math background upto differential geom Reference letter should be mediocre no pub GRE Q170, others no good What else do you want to know?
  21. Exploring options won't make you worse, actually you may find it useful someday in your doctoral study. You will be good, life is full of options.
  22. Glad that I know how short fused people are on this topic before I come to states
  23. Edit: comment deleted to stop a hijack on this post
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