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  1. RSVP'ed for a PhD open-house day (some survey), but received no confirmation or info so far. The staff assistant does not reply either. What's their problem?
  2. There are 3 people reporting now. They must have changed the committee this year, they took much longer too. Sounds like almost all offers have been sent out already though.
  3. Hey guys, how would you rank Cornell's PhD Applied Econ program? In comparison with other economics and public policy programs that is. How does it stand against Duke's Sanford PubPol or, say, UMD Econ?
  4. Do you guys think UMD is done sending out waitlists? I got waitlisted 2 years ago, took 7 more math classes (at a top 10 university, did well in all of them), published a paper and got 2 more years of research experience. Feels kind of odd not to make it even to the waitlist this time.
  5. When did you receive all of these offers? It seems like neither Harris nor Cornell have released final results yet.
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