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  1. FYI, a recent round of emails sent to admitted students had 16 people on the list (also the number of people at visit day). If they are really looking to fill 17 spots, then at least 1 person would be admitted off the waitlist.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate your thoughts!
  3. Thanks for your advice! So is it fair to say that holding everything else equal, the same types of opportunities would be available to me after graduating?
  4. I’ve been fortunate to have offers from Berkeley ARE and HKS’s Public Policy PhD. I plan on attending Visit Days at both. I worry, though, that I’m still going to feel conflicted even after visiting the two schools. My interests are in environment/development economics and the policy implications of research in those areas. My general impression is that within this field, Berkeley ARE is the gold standard, and the curriculum seems more rigorous overall. However, HKS still has amazing faculty and potentially beats Berkeley in branding. Looking at recent past placements, I think Berkeley ARE places slightly better than HKS. My goal as of right now is to teach at a liberal arts college or work in a regulatory body or at a think tank, so I’m tempted to say I don’t need to worry about marginal differences in placement. Another thought I have is that Harvard as a whole is better funded than Berkeley as a whole. Would this affect opportunities at the graduate school level (ie. being able to attend conferences that are far from campus)? Does this seem accurate? I’d also appreciate suggestions on best questions to ask during Visit Days. Thanks in advance!
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