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  1. More than ten times as many women die of cardiovascular diseases. Could you tell me if "more than ten times as many" is idom or not? Thanks!
  2. Please tell me the difference between especially and specially
  3. holmes

    Toefl CBT

    Cos you're in Hanoi , you thus have no option to choose to take Toefl CBT or toefl paper-based. You can only take CBT at 104 Tran Hung Dao street. From my experience , you have to arrange your date to take toelf a month in advance. First , you should ask for information at 104 Tran Hung Dao street. You're able to take toefl paper-based if you can wait til September. Hope that help. Edited by - holmes on 2002 Jun 16 08:09:36
  4. Dear Giang For Toefl , I think Essential books by Barron's is very important. From my experience ( I 've taken toefl test), many words are checked from this book. So if you want to improve your reading section , the book that I've recommended is good. Hope that help.
  5. Hi, Erin. I'd like to say that: You're very right.After taking my TOEFL test and getting my scores , I realized that your advices on Toefl are very helpful. Before taking my real toefl a month , I did a test in Powerpre and some tests in toefl preparation books from ETS. My score in the Powerpre is 180-240 and scores in books from ETS are pretty higher. Then I aksed Erin to predict my score . He said the perhaps my score in Powerpre is my true ability . At that time I did not believe him cos I think I can do better on my real TOEFL. However , Erin's right. The score I've got after taking toelf is the same with the score in Powepre.(180-240). My advice is thus that if you're going to take toefl , you should do two tests in Powerpre to see how much You're able to get. Then you 'd better concentrate on toefl Essays cos this can increases your total score. Besides, official toefl books from ETS are the best resources. When doing my real test , I see that many questions are very close to questions which I practiced in books from ETS. Hope you will succeed in toefl. Thank you, Erin, for all that you did.
  6. Hi ,Erin. Long time no see, How're you. I've received my TOEFL score taken on 05/06/2002. My score is not very high but I'm satisfied with it. Listening: 18 Structure/Writing :23 Reading :26 Essay Rating:4.0 Total score:223 This is the first time I took Toelf test so I think my result is not bad although I feel very ashamed if compared to your students. Finally , I want to give a big thank to you ,Erin. You're very helpful and kind. In fact ,I have studied English for 2 years and learnt Toefl by myself.Therefore, I always meet many difficulties in Toefl. Since I met your website, I found that I have had a real teacher who could answer my questions thoroughly. That's you , Erin. Your advices really help me a lot.My Toefl and my general English increases higher and higher in a short time. Thanks you again, Erin. Hope that you will succeed in your bussiness. Edited by - holmes on 2002 Jun 12 03:47:30 Edited by - holmes on 2002 Jun 14 19:47:00
  7. ok. I hope we can study online cos our countries are different except phuong and me. And I think this site is the best for us to discuss.
  8. Thank you very much, Erin :) but it is not "a success story". Right? In fact I will take TOEFL in May , so I hope to get the score I want. I think it is rather difficult but I keep studying and I will bother you more.:) . Edited by - holmes on 2002 Apr 13 09:13:26
  9. Ok. I think I got it. I give you two sentences ,so you can see if I did understand or not. The knife by which she killed him is on the chair. The knife which she used to kill him is on the chair. Edited by - holmes on 2002 Apr 10 21:48:02
  10. Hi, Erin. A question from PowerPerp: _____________ as children that most people first come in contact with myths. a) That is b) When c) It is d) There are
  11. Although______________ instant critical acclaim in 1952, he never completed a second novel , publishing many short works instead. A) Invisible Man was the first novel by R.E received B) First received by R.E , the novel Invisible Man was C) R.E ‘s first novel, Invisible Man ,received D) R.E ’s first novel, Invisible Man, was received Can you tell me the correct answer, Why??
  12. Please, can you explain clearer, Erin. By the way, please check out this sentence: The anteater has a long sticky tongue which it uses to capture ants and termites from their nests.[Longman] Do you think this sentence is wrong or right? PREPOSITION + which (THAT)+ SENTENCE So this sentence shoud be : ..... a sticky tougue [by which] it uses to capture... Edited by - holmes on 2002 Apr 08 10:50:07
  13. Hi. LET ME JOIN IN. I did some tests from ETS(Test Preparation Kit 1999-2000. My score ranges so strange: The first test, I only get 510-530 The finnal test , I got 563-573. In volumme 2: the first test :580-610. I really dont know how is my true ability. Last week : I took one test from powerpre: my score :180-240. Im so upse becasue i'm not good at writing. Hope to get advice from you, ERIN.
  14. Hi, Erin: I learnt from you that : PREPOSITION + which (THAT)+ SENTENCE But sometimes there is no need to have preposition before which or that : For example: Skin color is determined by a chemical called melanin which human skin contains in quarter or lesser amounts. I hope to get your answer as soon as possible.
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