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  1. Hello Fellow Urch Users, I am new here but wanted to get objective opinion on my current stats. I am a triple major in Economics(B.S), Psychology(B.S) & Computational Mathematics (B.A) in a top 100 National & Global University. I will be graduating in the upcoming year with an estimated GPA of around 3.35-3.42 (3.35 worst case scenario). I decided to go down this route because I am heavily interested in Econometrics, International Trade and also Behavioral Economics. I love how each major is interconnected and I want to bring unique research to the table. I have not yet taken the GRE, but am aiming for 165Q and 162V scores. Research Experience: 2 years in Psychology lab doing statistics and administering experiments Currently a research assistant for my Econ Prof (data collection and organization through STATA) I have a working Paper with two professors that will be published this summer on history and economics. I also have research experience in the History department because of my knowledge of three languages Will hopefully get accepted into tutoring in the mathlab and also some Econ courses Skills: 3 Languages (fluent), Programming Skills/Software: STATA, experience in R, will have experience in C++ and phyton once done with my computer sci classes. LORs: Will have solid 3 LORs I really want to get into University of Michigan for Econ PhD. Is this a realistic goal for me given my stats? Or do you guys think my best bet is to apply for an Econ master program, get 4.0 Grad GPA then pursue even more competitive schools like: MIT, Harvard or London School of Economics. If these are not realistic goals, what should I be doing? Math courses: Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis 1 & 2, Analysis, Advanced Econometrics, Differential Equations, Abstract algebra and Number theory, Discrete Mathematics, Calc 3, and of course few Statistics classes in the upper level. Sorry for the long post. Thank you for taking your time to read this. - The unrationaleconomist :)
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