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  1. The interview process for Marketing already started at Emory, not sure about OB.
  2. This could be very misleading, as QS ranking is based mostly on alumni and students ranking, not research. It tends to be very biased towards UK institutions who are infamous for gaming the ranking system, while US institutions don't really care about QS (US-News is the standard). I would say Columbia is top 10, FSU is top 50, and the rest is top 30. For management, you can use the UT Dallas research ranking, or the TAMU one: TAMUGA Rankings - Rankings. Of course you would have to look at the faculty at those schools, as well as their recent placement record.
  3. It depends on schools I think. I saw USC already sent out CB offers, but they have just started to interview for Quant.
  4. CEU has very small MA cohort size (~15-20/year), and out of those around 5-7 would be placed to top 20-30 programs in the US. That is actually a very good rate, considering people who wants to stay in Europe or international students who want to go back home. If you are an American, I think your chance would be really good for top 20 assuming you perform well in the CEU's MA.
  5. Good luck with the fellowship! How do you know you are being considered? I assume I'm not as I don't see anything on my offer letter.
  6. If you are concerned about the lack of Econ background, try looking into the Dutch research masters programs as well (Tilburg, UvA, Rotterdam ERIM), these tend to be more relax in requirement, or a more general Quantitative Methods program and take extra Econ courses (Master economics QEM: Study programme. Central European University (Admission Requirements | Department of Economics and Business) or CERGE-EI in Czech also have good MA programs in term of placement that don't require an Econ background. (and would be much cheaper than US cash-cow programs).
  7. Yeah that's why I didn't include NYU in the list. Regarding Brazilian's point, if the loss of potential income is not a problem, I think doing a pre-doc can only increase your chance of getting admission from the top schools. It would be a good chance to have refine your research interests as well, especially if you don't have much research experience.
  8. Most of those have deadlines around March 1 to March 30, so you can still definitely apply. That's the usual deadline for pre-doc. The only one on the list I couldn't find a deadline is WashU, but I think they are still accepting applications. Look out for Harvard's "research associate" listings around the end of February or early March as well.
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to work out the budget for the next 5 years, and even though the PhD stipend for business is relatively generous comparing to other fields (my offers were all around 35-38k), it's still gonna be quite tight if my SO cannot find a job (she's an international student). I wonder if one could be considered for a fellowship after admission? I know that there are extra fellowships at the schools I'm accepted to, but my offer letters don't include those, and I'm not sure if I'm eligible or not.
  10. I think you can Google "pre-doctoral fellowship" to find those. NYU is one of the first ones, but there are many others. For example: Ross: Bridges Program | Michigan Ross. WashU: Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows | WashU Olin Business School INSEAD: Pre-Doctoral Research Associate position (Strategy) | INSEAD (usually listed as a job, find one that you see fit) Columbia: Predoctoral Fellows Program | Programs Stanford: Research Fellows Program | Stanford Graduate School of Business NBER: https://www.nber.org/jobs/employment_opp.html (for Econ, which I think would be a fit for strategy as well) NBER also has a listing of RA/Pre-doc jobs not at NBER: https://www.nber.org/jobs/nonnberjobs.html
  11. Still haven't heard anything from Columbia. I think at this point I should call them and ask, as I really want to settle on a school soon. Has anyone heard back from CMU?
  12. Usually that happens due to unforeseen circumstance, like you didn't have the level of support you expected from the school, or your advisor moved. I don't think attending a lower rank program with the goal of moving up is a good strategy, and could be frown upon. You can instead apply to some pre-doc programs (if you are a domestic student), or work as a full-time RA for a year. Your options are a bit more limited if you are an international student, but RA opportunities are still available in non-US schools.
  13. Did you get one from BU. I got one but I haven't decided yet.
  14. I would say get your Quant up to 169-170 would be better. Since you are looking at European programs as well, I would say add Bonn/Mannheim to the list, as well as TSE. These are not hard to get into, but you would have to study hard as they tend to use exams to weed people out. Be aware that some European schools would require a certain amount of Econ courses, and I'm not sure your current ones would be able to meet the requirement.
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