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  1. Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone has any idea about the GPA cutoff that gets screened out in the initial stage for PhD Econ admissions. My overall GPA is 3.5 (graduated with honors) with Econ major GPA around 3.7 and Math major GPA around 3.6 (you can see my previous evaluation post here: https://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/161111-profile-evaluation.html). Could 3.5 be automatically screened out at top 10 schools or so? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for sharing. For the most part, I am worried about my 3.5 GPA and weak undergrad transcript. I will greatly appreciate any other sharing!
  3. Hello everyone, Finally made an account for my own profile evaluation! Please share what you think, thanks. Type of Undergrad: Top 20 Econ School (US), BS in Economics w/ an additional major in Math; Graduated two years ago; After Undergrad, I worked as a pre-doctoral RA at a Top 10 Econ School. Undergrad GPA: 3.58 (University Honors), Economics Major GPA: 3.7, Math Major GPA: 3.7 (retook two math courses though, more explanations below) Econ Courses: Introduction to Econ (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics I-II (B,B), Honors Thesis (A,A), a few elective courses (A's and B's); Took while working as a pre-doctoral RA: Phd Micro (A), Phd Macro (A), Phd Metrics (A) Math Courses: Calc I-Ill (A,A,A), Multivariate Calc/Analysis (A), Introduction to Proof ©, Matrix Theory/Algebra (C, and B after a retake), Discrete Math (B), Differentials Equation (B), Math Probability (A), Algebraic Structures (A), Real Analysis I (C, and A after retake), Real Analysis II (A), Grad-level Real Analysis (A), Grad-level Introduction to Lebesgue Integration/Measure Theory (A), Grad-level Topology (A), Linear Algebra (A), Research in Math (A) Other Courses: Courses from Statistics departments- Introduction to Probability Theory (B), Statistical Inference (A), Stochastic Processes (A) Concerns about grades: In addition to my average GPA, I have two Ws on not so relevant courses and an F on an irrelevant gen-ed course. In addition to a personal issue, I suffered from depression, which I did not know it was depression until very late in my college career. But I've tried my best to overcome it and got straight As during my last year when my academic life was the most rigorous. Research Experience: 1-year RA for my senior thesis advisor, 1-year RA for another econ professor, 1 short task for a professor, Summer Research Internship at a top school, Summer research funding for my senior thesis, Award-winning honors thesis, 2- year pre-doctoral RA at a Top 10 econ school and co-authored paper (not yet published) with the professors there. Publication: Published my senior thesis at a decent journal (the process was longer than I thought, but was able to with the guidance of my undergrad professors) Letter of Recommendation: Senior thesis advisor, Professors I've worked with as a pre-doctoral RA, potentially the professor from summer internship. They all said the letters should be very strong. Other/Concerns: - Main concerns are those about grades (as mentioned above), will try to explain in my SOP. I've gone through some struggles, but I did my best to overcome them and pursue my passion. I would like to aim as high as possible. Is there a chance that I could get admitted to a Top 10 school? Any ideas and thoughts will be great! Thanks.
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