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  1. soniczek.....Thank you for the valuable information
  2. My dear fellow FPGEE takers ,please allow me put this advice forward for you so you can pass and not regret not doing your best to pass : 1- While studying in preparation to take the FPGEE, " NEVER TOTALLY RELY ON " resources that " brief " what you studied in Pharmacy college along five long years , because the FPGEE is designed to measure your ability to act as pharmacists , especially problem solving , in the multitude of different situations in real life in which you are supposed to be with your patients , not your ability to just PASS , because if you passed such examination and even the next ( NAPLEX ) without bearing inside the spirit of a " RESPONSIBLE and RELIABLE " health care professional , you are fast to encounter a situation while on the job that can lead to your hardly earned license being lost or at least suspended . 2- Be honest and true to yourself while studying , and most important , put yourselves in the patient's shoes ; we , as pharmacists , are supposed to make their pain and sufferings less , protect them as much as we can from the harm they may get from side effects , wrong prescription , self-applied medications ,incompliance and the multitude of drug interactions which neither they nor their physicians may pay attention to , and that's why you should always ask yourself this important question before taking the FPGEE ; AM I READY TO BE THAT RELIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE HEATH CARE PROFESSIONAL ..OR ..NOT YET ??...and the more you do your best ,while studying , to be that reliable professional , the more you can be sure to pass the FPGEE with ease . 3- STUDY FROM SCRATCH as if you have just enrolled as a student in pharmacy school , review everything you studied however little or seemingly unimportant , because a pharmacist is non but a bank of information for patients and the last health care professional they consult before being left alone with their medications to take and get benefited ..or harmed . 4- While studying , always contrive questions in the form you are to encounter in the FPGEE ( it will sharpen your wits and help make all information ready and available always in your memory , for the examination , and for your practice after you get your license ) 5- TAKE YOUR TIME and never rush to take the first appointment available ; you are not supposed to pass the FPGEE as a " student " but as a pharmacist who is familiar with ,and an EXPERT in, pharmacy practice , and remember , we are not supposed to pass the FPGEE just to obtain a license , but to practice as reliable , competent , and efficient health care professionals , and the more you put that in your mind before taking the FPGEE , the more you are likely to predict the questions and the problems you will be asked to solve in that important examination and be able to pass it with ease .
  3. Best of luck , then , and ..If you need any help with the procedure of applying or the best study resources to get ready to the exams , it will be my pleasure to help .
  4. Hi , Jose..I don't think your credentials or the degree you earned in Mexico will be considered as equivalent to a foreign pharmacist's ; from the title of your degree, it is very obvious that your study was focused " only " on the biological field of pharmacy ( which is not everything in pharmacy as a field ), and that's why your title ends with " biologist " and not " pharmacist " ; VIZ you haven't studied - for example - pharmacology , therapeutics, pharmaceutical chemistry , pharmaceutics , pharmaceutical calculations and drug dose regimen design , industrial pharmacy or quality control subjects, pharmacy law or management, and never mention the clinical practice, IN DEPTH AND IN DETAILS as a pharmacy student may have and should , and on that basis, I'm afraid your study will be found lacking and not the equivalent of that of a pharmacy school graduate but of a chemist or biologist ...YOU CAN TRY IF YOU LIKE , ANY WAY , my friend ...and sorry if you find my words tough or shocking to your ambition ; I just wanted to spare you the frustration and the wasting of your precious time so you won't miss the better chances for a position for which your credentials fit best ,while chasing the dream of your life somewhere else, in the wrong direction , and where there is but little hope that you will fit there .
  5. My God, Abdoul ..Your English is excellent really and I find it very strange that , with such level of English as yours , you still couldn't pass the TOEFL and missed your last chance to totally pass the FPGEE ..It's the toughest situation anyone can imagine , and I think you should never stop making appeals to NABP until your case is justly considered ..Good luck , my friend with your appeals which I hope you never stop submitting because , if your appeals have not been considered , I'm afraid you'll have only one choice left to become the US registered pharmacist we all want to be , and that will be enrolling in pharmacy school in any state and starting from scratch , which will take you at least 6 more years to become a registered pharmacist ...I , feeling the frustration you are now feeling which really ached my heart , still want to suggest something for you for hope it may help and open a new door of hope for you ; if you can inquire about whether your completing some courses or even earning a diploma and then reapplying to take the FPGEE with such " vital change " in your credentials 'status , maybe the FPGEC will re-consider your case and accept you as a new applicant ...I mean you need first to inquire about this , because a two-year diploma is a far shorter way than a six year pharmacy degree .....Again , good luck , my friend .
  6. Hello everybody In the application bulletin I have read that the passing score is 75 points ..My question here is .. is it 75/100.. or is it 75/150 ?? And another question ..I remember reading somewhere on the internet that , if allowed in the test room , there is a special type of calculator to use in calculations and solving the many problems in the FPGEE that is only allowed by the FPGEC and that test takers need to practice as to how to use such calculator ...I hope someone who has recently sat the FPGEE will have the time to answer this last question ...
  7. Esam

    FPGEC Documents

    Can anyone share his / her experience , please ..I'm having nearly the same problem with the NABP/FPGEC application status and I'm so worried and frustrated because I'm having no answers to my (nearly the same as here ) questions and worries .
  8. Hi everybody I'm new here and I have a bunch of questions about the FPGEC process that need answers , and I hope those who have gone through the many steps of the process will help ... I am a pharmacist and I sent my notarized documents and certificates by mail to both NABP and ECE about two weeks ago , ECE notified me two days ago of their completing the report and forwarding a copy to NABP ...I checked my application status on the NABP/FPGEC page and seeing that the status was still " Eligibility Requested " I contacted one of the NABP staff to make sure that my documents were received , and she told me that they have been received on the 4th of July 2019... Now, despite all documents , including the ECE report ,have been received , my status has not yet been updated or adjusted to " in review " and when I checked the " document status " ( it was deactivated about a week ago and now it is active ) I found NOTHING ....Now my questions are : 1- how long does it take them to adjust the status ?AND what can be the causes of such delay ? 2- Do they notify applicants through e-mail of their receiving the documents , including the ECE report ( they did not in my case ) or of their beginning the review process ? 3- Are there age limits to be eligible to sit the FPGEE ? THANK YOU
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