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  1. Thank you for the feedback! I definitely plan to get as much research experience as I can over the next year.
  2. Thank you for the insight! I agree with Strategic Mgt.
  3. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): I am currently studying for the GMAT. I’m scoring on practice tests around 645 with minimal studying, but I am shooting for at least a 720. Undegrad GPA: Finance, Grand Valley State University. 2.89 (major GPA is 3.2) Graduate GPA: Finance, University of Michigan (Dearborn) currently have a 3.7 but I have only taken 2 classes at this point. I plan to take some OB classes while I am doing my Masters. Research Experience: I am doing graduate research this fall, but it is mainly market research. I plan to contact professors after my fall semester to assist with their research. Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: 3 years in the financial industry (1 in sales, 2 in operations) Concentration Applying to: OB/Management Number of programs planned to apply to: ~15 Dream Schools: University of Michigan, Purdue, Indiana University, George Washington Other schools currently considering: MSU, Wayne State University, Virginia Tech. I have a list of about 40 schools so far, so I need to narrow it down. I will be applying for Fall 2021. Other Questions: What other opportunities should I pursue while in my Master’s to be more competitive? What made you want to pursue a PhD? I have always loved research, but never considered a PhD an option in my field until about a year ago. I have had a few bosses at this point and it always interested me I how the employees’ demeanor completely changed with the management style. I have also gone through a large merger, and am interested in employee satisfaction after a merger/acquisition. This has lead me to my main research interest in leadership and mergers/acquisitions within the financial industry. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? My undergrad GPA and my lack of math classes (I have not taken calculus classes in my undergrad, but was able to use rudimentary skills in my finance classes from my high school calculus). Only brief research experience (so far). Any additional specific questions you may have: I am mainly trying to get into Purdue/Indiana University (this is most likely where my fiancé will be to do his IMG waiver in Infectious Disease). For anyone with experience at those two schools, what do they weigh most heavily in the application? Thank you!
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