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  1. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in Political Economy, Institutional Analysis, and Political Economy of Development. Originally, I was convinced that Economics schools were the best route to study these fields coming from a Bachelor's degree in Econ, but the more research I've done, the more schools outside of Econ departments I've found that specialize in Political Economy. Several Economics schools like George Mason, Florida State, Clemson, and West Virginia were suggested to me for my research interests, and they certainly do have scholars interested in those fields at each of those schools. But I've come to find that several Public Policy (UChicago) schools and many Political Science (MIT, Duke, Columbia, etc.) schools offer Political Economy as concentrations. If this is what I want to study, which route would offer me the best opportunities after graduation, going into an Econ, Public Policy, or Political Science PhD? Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you!
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for the responses, they have really helped me with trying to determine when and where to apply. Do any of you know much about Arizona State's PhD in Public Admin and Policy? According to U.S. News, it looks to be ranked pretty well, #14 in Public Affairs. Obviously its no Harvard, but I've heard good things. I've talked with a few professors from the school, but want to hear an outside opinion as well. From doing my MPP there, I know we are known for Urban Policy and Emergency Management, as well as a few other areas. But what is the view of PhD's graduating from the program? Placements don't seem too bad, with many going to Political Science departments and other Public Policy schools. Anyone have any knowledge of the program?
  3. When you say screened out of top schools without a recommendation from a top economist, you mean screened out of Economics programs, correct? I have looked into RANDs program as well and it looks appealing, but I think a Public Policy degree from a well-known school would carry me a little further than their program. Based on some of the criteria they list on their website, Public Policy schools like Chicago or even Harvard require less math than for Econ. Do you have any idea how I’d match up with applicants to those schools for the PhD in Public Policy?
  4. Yeah I’ve definitely looked into that because I agree, I’m definitely more interested in Political Economy and how economics and politics interact. George Mason is one school I am going to apply to, but I’m wondering how competitive I’d be with my profile for schools ranked higher than George Mason.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can give my profile a quick look over and let me know how competitive I'd be for PhD Economics or Public Policy admissions. Please let me know what you think: All at Arizona State University (has pretty highly ranked MPP) Undergrad: BA Economics (3.85 GPA), minor Political Science Economics: Macro Principles (A), Micro Principles (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Immigration & Econ (A+), Intermediate Macro (A), Money & Banking (A+), Labor Economics (A), Game Theory (B), Econometrics (A+), Capstone (A+), International Economics (A) Math: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 ©, Statistics (A), Calc 3 (B), Proofs (A-), Linear Algebra (B+), Real Analysis (B+), Differential Equations (A) Grad (Master of Public Policy): GPA 3.97 Public Service Research I (basically applied econometrics) (A), Microecon of Public Policy I (A+), Public Service Research II (A+), Program Evaluation (A+), Public Policy Analysis (A), Microecon of Public Policy II (B), Applied Econometrics (A-), Public Budgeting and Finance (A), Advanced Policy Analysis (A), Capstone (A) GRE: 165 Q, 160 V, 4 AW My letter of recommendations would come from professors in the School of Public Affairs, not the Econ department (although I could probably get one if I really tried from the Econ department, but it probably wouldn't be as good as my MPP recommenders). I could also get one from a research fellowship I am currently doing at George Mason University in Political Economy. I have a paper published in a lower-tier Public Policy journal of which I am the sole author and will have some experience with research with my fellowship at George Mason. What tier of Econ schools do you think I could get into? Would I be better off trying for a top-tier Public Policy school, or is my profile not even suited for that? I'm definitely interested in Political Economy, Public Choice, Behavioral Economics, and Macro, as well as the applied side of Econ that Public Policy brings. I should also mention I have 2 years of work experience, some research experience at a think tank and 1.5 years in state government as an Analyst.
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