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  1. The consensus seems to be econ professors letters are better.
  2. Type of Undergrad: Top 30 USNEWS Undergrad GPA: 3.95+ Type of Grad: NA Grad GPA: NA GRE: 170Q/165V/4.5AW Math Courses: CalcI~III,Vector Calculus,Discrete Mathematics,Mathematical Reasoning, Linear Algebra Honors,Applied Linear Algebra, Real Analysis1+2, Probability1+2, Stochastic Processes, Differential Equations,Linear Systems of Differential Equations, Optimization (all A+/As) Econ Courses: Principles of Micro/Macro, Intermediate Micro/Macro/Metrics,Advanced Metrics,Honor Seminar Micro,Labor,PhD Micro/Metrics(still in progress when I applied) [b+ in labor, A- in grad micro, A+/As others] Other Courses: C++, MATLAB, Managerial and Financial Accountings (all As) Letters of Recommendation: One from Thesis Advisor:Been RAing for him for a year already. One from a very prominent professor. Took her class. One from a top2 junior whom I RAed for. One from a prof I RAed for a year. They all agreed to write me a strong letter. Should not be bad, I guess Research Experience: RAed for all three writer letters.Working on a thesis by the time I was applying, not finished yet. My advisor said it should be publishable Teaching Experience: Been a grader for letter writer 2 for a quarter, if that counts. Research Interests: Trade and labor SOP: Ok SOP. Customized only when the application guideline explicitly told me so. Other: I transferred from a top50 to a top30. RESULTS: Acceptances: Princeton, Yale, Chicago Waitlists: Penn Rejections: Harvard, MIT, Stanford/GSB, Berkeley, Booth, NYU, Columbia,LSE, Northwestern Pending: UCLA Attending: Princeton! Comments: I am really happy about my result! I got a lot of help from this forum, especially by reading past applicants' profiles and results. I want to post mine hoping it can help future applicants someday! But for future applicants, the most helpful thing is to ask your (potential) letter writers for help! What would you have done differently? 1.I hope I could have decided to do a PhD in my second year, not the third year. I guess I got lucky to have met my first letter writer, who gave me tons of hand holding and introduced me to lots of opportunities. Without his help, I would not have got into any of the top schools. 2.If I had known I am going to do the PhD, I would NOT take the accounting nonsense. I would finish analysis by the second year so I can go on to take grad sequences in my third year. Also I can start my thesis much earlier 3.I should have taken grad micro more seriously and not get an A-. That said, I would not think that doing the above would get me into Harvard/MIT. Just ease of mind I guess.
  3. I talked to 3 different professors and they ALL told me that do not attend a program for one or two people, but go to the place where the overall field/department is stronger.
  4. Not taken grad stats but I personally find real analysis and probability (plus linear algebra) most useful for grad micro and metrics. Optimization also somewhat helps. Hope this helps
  5. Hmmm, Interesting they do that.
  6. Really confused about NW. Not getting any emails from them whatsoever. Also see nothing from the Applyweb. Should I email them and ask?
  7. Does not getting emails from NYU, NW mean rejections at this time? Also, is UCLA sending offers according to GC?
  8. Institution: Princeton Program: Economics (PhD) Decision: Accepted Funding: Full Tuition Waiver + Stipend ($$$) Date: 02/18/2020 Notified through: E-Mail from professor Comments: dream school!
  9. Best PhD program for empirical IO take it with a grain of salt? EJMR does not seem to have an excellent reputation, but I think if we read more threads about a similar topic, it's possible to get some insights from the overlapping information
  10. Thanks! Chicago is certainly a decent choice, but I would love to wait for more decisions. I've heard rumors that Chicago's program gives excellent advising to their stars, but the medium/bottom students are barely looked at. So, if I am lucky enough to get in other programs on par with Chicago, with not bad funding, I am inclined to go elsewhere. Hope we can all have great offers!!!
  11. Man, I got in Chicago! Just received a phone call 30 min ago!
  12. NW Econ’s app deadline is Jan 2. It’s hard to believe they are making decisions already. Kellogg might be more likely.
  13. Chicago troll cannot be more obvious lol. “ quant sociology from HYP ( p not equal to penn) , area is linear regression method in behavioral economics”... but I anxiously checked my inbox and application portal nonetheless
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