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  1. Hi, with SOPs- please attempt to be genuine and definitely be patient all the while- alongside being ready to put in the work for a couple of drafts. Another great thing would be to go through the particular course you are applying to and the needs and pre-requisite of the course in detail- this will help you be economical with words while also being impactful
  2. Thank you for this uplifting folks- goes on to say that we can all do it :) Going to share with my younger child
  3. Hi, Thank you for this question- I am a math tutor and i have found also found couple of books useful for the concepts that you described in the Original post. Thank you for this wonderful video- i think my tuition students can definitely use some AV explanation. Thanks
  4. Have heard more about oxford university, esp for its math courses.
  5. Nice to know the original reason behind this. Simple and easy- lovely!
  6. Hi, Vander, I am a self educator and like to look up alternative ways of learning. IMF Podcast is absolutely amazing and so is the one held by BBC Radio called More or Less. These alternate ways really enrich one's perspective. I also use this seemingly fave prof's book called Principles of Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw. He seems to be v reputed.
  7. It is interesting that no one really answered to this. Hope someone did solve it for him on a dm
  8. Right now, I really love listening to Lizzo's music as it is highly motivating to work hard and finish fastly. I don't do this when i write conceptual answers though. This is reserved for work that doesn't require too much thinking.
  9. I do not really like to use homework help services while doing my work. I like to work hard but i have seen a really pioneering support system that works out very well for me. If you really want to check it out, you should look at the Q&A section on bartleby to not completely solve and answer but be guided well to solve it yourself. I would rather learn how to solve than be given an answer by a guide or a tutor.
  10. Oh wow. This is so useful. In English, the exceptions can often give an insight into the rule itself. Feel like thats what this aptly and comprehensively written thread does.
  11. Hi, folks, I am Lisa. an English enthusiast and a high schoolers. I often browse the internet to be wiser in subjects of school and life simultaneously. I am an avid reader and follow many spoken word poets.
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