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  1. Hello Brazilian PhD, thanks for your reply and input. Everything at this time is highly appreciated. I would like to clarify somethings, which were my fault by not explaining better (although I am not looking for people to just tell me “you will get in easily”, I know the work) -regarding the country not promoting research is more in the sense that as undergrad not many go to the research path afterwards (ratio of people out of college and looking towards academia is low) besides that I have tried the last 2 years to be around PhDs to know and understand more the process, in that sense I do believe my LOR are done by people that focuses on research and that would help me compensate other areas like GRE score. - about the GRE/GMAT, I have thought about what you mentioned and maybe if things don’t work out I might do it again next year, still I Am looking forward towards schools that ask for GRE scores of 315 (total) or don’t ask for it at all (which is why I am looking at Europe. I hope things work out fine. Again thank you for your comments.
  2. Hello all and thanks in advance: Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 160Q 157V Undegrad GPA: 3.25 (Thesis on financial ratio analys of companies in the stock market, Actuarial Science) Graduate GPA: 3.8 (The written project was not mandatory and it is barely thorough, becauseI did an MBA) Research Experience: 2 years as research assistant (regressions, Strectural equation modeling, time series) Teaching Experience: 3 years (Quantitive Tools (MBA level), Decision Analysis (MBA level) and in January 2020 Mathematical Finance II (for actuaries and finance, undergrads) Work Experience: 4 years, bank, insurance and consulting in finance Concentration Applying to: Finance Number of programs planned to apply to: 7 (Would you recommend more?) Dream Schools: Stockholm, Vienna, Essex, Washington, Bocconi, Bath Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Since I started teaching I was at the same time hired for research assistant and throughout the first year I really enjoy it a lot, which make me start pursuing the Ph.D. Last year I did apply but got no luck, the "tier" of schools I selected were Tier 1. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am worried that I am 30yo, although people have told me there is no problem about that I am from a country that doesn't promote research, so I have tried these past 2 years to compensate it, ideally I would start helping a professor with a paper (but there is no definite time, which is why I am not putting it as an experience) and if we started it, it might be too soon to even put it as Work in Progress. Still I have been assisting PhD candidates on their research analysis. I am doubting about my GRE in regards to Finance, a professor that comes from top tier schools told me it would be too low to even pass the first filter and that I should apply to the area of Management and maybe later move to Finance (got me a little down :upset: ) Since it is my second time applying I am looking at schools that: I would really like to go, that I do in theory have the qualifications to be accepted (based on their websites about no GRE min, and if they have I am in their range) I am working strongly in my SOP and in an attractive Research Proposal (for the European schools). I am looking to work on a more empirical result, I do know that my strength is not necessarily in the theory, but more in the practical research, which is what I have done. Any additional specific questions you may have: I would like to know your opinion or if maybe I should restructure my approach.
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