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  1. If you are indeed a Pre-doc and instigating misinformation like this, then that is even worse..
  2. I would rather speak from a data point of view than make “I know someone who did this” arguments. Also, T10 Predocs are much harder to land than actually getting into T10 for PhD. The OP is yet to take Analysis, so there is no T10 predoc acceptance at sight. You are predicting prematurely that OP will get into a T10 predoc and that even if OP does not, he should still apply to T10. Btw, constantly mentioning you are a T10 predoc on every post will not make people consider your argument noteworthy. You actually need to make an intelligent argument. Note: Looking at your post history, you claimed before it was not worth going to program outside of T30 and made some absurd claims about grad micro. I doubt you are a predoc, oh excuse me, a predoc at T10 or whatever; just a wannabe who has a lot of free time in their hands. To OP: Don’t mind people like this and always check their post history on this forum. Make sure you continue to do research with your profs and ace the analysis sequence at your school. Georgetown is very close (and it is a T50 Econ School); you can surely take Grad Metrics/Micro from there to boost your rankings even more. Good luck!
  3. Very misleading suggestion. The OP’s profile is hardly T25 material; suggesting to “sprinkle some T20 and few T10’s” is just a waste of money. American University is unranked both in Econ and Mathematics; I would talk to your professors on the range but T27-60 seems about right. If you have the time, I would take Grad Micro/Metrics at Georgetown to improve your profile.
  4. This is not a T10 profile by any means. All your Econ courses are at the undergrad level and you lack Advanced Math Courses (i.e Real Analysis Sequence) . I’m assuming all your LORs are from Econ Profs, then I would ask them the range of schools you ought to apply. Based on the profiles and results on this forum, I would apply mainly to T25-35 Programs with few in the T20 range.
  5. Taking PhD Econometrics is another option. Although it will send a slightly weaker signal than micro, it would be relatively less risky. Taking grad Micro, there is no guarantee that you will have access to the same resources as actual PhD students and you may have trouble forming a study group (at least that’s my experience at attempting PhD Micro). Just be wary of that before committing.
  6. People outside of T30 also get excellent placement in both TT and private sector. Your generalization of utility measurement is weird here. Many people derive utility from being able to do research and pursue interesting questions. Intellectual fulfillment, the need for PhD to get to a certain position in the private sector or becoming a TT Prof anywhere are all plausible options in one’s opp cost. You should refrain from making generalizations based on your silly criteria.
  7. I would make an extensive list of programs and then have your profs narrow it down.
  8. Doing an Econ PhD iff you get into a T5 indicates that you do not love the process of research/grad school. Therefore, doing PhD might not be in your best interest.
  9. You need to look at the placements of the Economics Masters programs. In Germany, Quantitative Economics Masters are very intensive; they are basically first year PhD coursework. Due the the grading curve being competitive in QEM, most people end up staying in their masters institution for PhD. So be wary of this possibility. As for the statistics route, that will not lead to a PhD in Economics (it could, but unlikely) . You want letters of rec from Economists and not statisticians; also, it is unlikely you will be able to take Masters level Micro & Macro during your Stats masters...
  10. The director of graduate studies at your department should be able to answer that question. You could send him your transcript and ask if taking these grad courses would improve your chances.
  11. You could try to take the first year sequence of PhD Micro & Metrics at your current institution. Assuming you just missed out on taking Micro 1 & Metrics 1, that would mean a 1.5 year delay in applications. I would also talk to DGS.
  12. Math serves as an proxy to judge whether you will survive first year core courses. You want to get an MA in Econ with phd level courses so you can directly display the fact that you can handle the material. That’s why many people recommend master programs in Europe (LSE, Bonn, Bocconi etc.) as opposed to master program in the USA. Masters in Stats or Math is not useful as you want LORs from Economists (unless that specific masters in Stats/Math allows you to take PhD Level courses in Econ). Also, math ability does not imply one will become a good Economist. At the end of the day, you need to display that you have the potential to become a good researcher as an Economist. Math courses have diminishing marginal returns after Analysis 1 & 2.
  13. There isn't anything you need to worry about and you are not a risk to programs! Those withdrawals and B's were in very elementary courses (like Precalc). Awesome job on not giving up by challenging yourself with even more advanced coursework! No one is going to hold you against a B+ in measure theory; that is a very good grade for such a brutal course. Given your MsC econ courses are good (which matters the most), everything depends on your LORs at this point :)
  14. Depends on the strength of your letter
  15. There is something very odd with your advice. OP is stating that they are working in a research organization where Top 5-10 profs are employed; that leads to many gates being opened ranking wise. Also, OP's background is NOT unorthodox. To OP: Where has your research organization placed people before? That would be a good indicator range wise. I think it would be best to speak to your Profs at your RA gig and let them point out on where you ought to apply.
  16. Can you ask your profs where they think you ought to apply? I would send them this complete profile you have here. If they tell you a range which you don't like, then you can ask what can you do to be more competitive (RA positions, Pre-doc etc.)
  17. This is an interesting case because WFU is not ranked in Economics; however it is a top 30 national university so the student quality & rigor is high. Do you know where past students have placed before? As for the GRE, you do not need to retake it. No one cares about the verbal score (unless its really low It would be better to have 3 LORs from Economists; you can also ask your professors' opinion on whether a pre-doc or RA position might make sense in the upcoming cycle.
  18. This doesn't make sense at all.
  19. Standard Template PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Math Courses(list the grades for each course): Econ Courses Undergrad(list the grades for each course): Econ Courses Msc(list the grades for each course): Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: Research Experience: Teaching Experience: Other (Notes, concerns etc.):
  20. I see that you have edited your original post, but that is not still not the correct format. You have to be more detailed if you want a profile evaluation. Listing Gre: Good doesn't tell us anything at all.
  21. Standard Template PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Undergrad GPA: Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: Math Courses(list the grades for each course): Econ Courses Undergrad(list the grades for each course): Econ Courses Msc(list the grades for each course): Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: Research Experience: Teaching Experience: Other (Notes, concerns etc.):
  22. Echoing what Tutonic said, it would be helpful if you can list the main textbooks.
  23. You don't need to retake Calc 2, only Calc 3. Linear Algebra is essential but it also makes sense to take the full Real Analysis Sequence (single variable analysis + multivariable analysis) in your case (for adcoms to overlook your past math grades). It's yours to judge if this path is right for you, but it will take quite a bit of extra commitment. It would be a good idea to show your profile to Economists at your RA institution. p.s. Are those grad courses at the PhD level?
  24. Regardless of the percentage, adcoms still want to see a 4.0 if I’m correct?
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