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  1. I think that your profile looks okay. For full transparency, I'm a fellow student who is also applying this year so take my advice with a grain of salt. As the person above pointed out, I think that you apply a little too high. My profile is very similar to your (GPA, Research, School Prestige, albeit a little lower GMAT). To show you how competitive it is, In my case, my aim is top 30-70 and I was recently got waitlisted by almost all of them and rejected by UT Dallas. I think the high GMAT and being an officer can help with your admission but you should more realistically apply to the top 50 instead.
  2. Does anyone know how many candidates do schools like OSU/UIUC/Michigan normally put on their waitlists for Finance PhD. If they take 3/year, do they put like 20-30 candidates on wishlist or just around 4-5 something. I am trying to gauge my chance of getting in from those waitlists. Thank you
  3. @Brazilian I see. That's some good insight. I think I would be lucky to get one offer too, I just phrased it too optimistically I guessed. Regarding what you said, can you help me understand what is the difference between acceptance and offer ? I'm assuming that by acceptance you mean the school accept the applicant without offering a financial package ? Or do you mean that 55% of the ones who got in accepted the offer before March and if I'm not in that pool then the offer will be in later month ?
  4. Thank you for the answer @BrazilianPhD. Can I ask that by March 1-2, how many school gave you a definite answer on the offer ? I prefer my PhD over industry so I just need only one acceptance by that time, do you think that's reasonable to expect at least some answers from schools around these times ? Thank you
  5. Thank you for your reply. Do you think asking the school directly will hurt my chance of admission ? For my internship company, they extend the deadline for me from January to March already so I don't think I can ask for additional extension now.
  6. Hi guys, I'm applying to a several Finance PhD programs this year. Since I think they are quite competitive, I had a verbal agreement with my summer internship company, who allowed me until very early March (01-02 something) to accept/decline my offer. So I wonder if I would know my PhD application result by then so I can safely plan to sign/relinquish the offer? I read around this forum and see that most people get interview in mid-February, so do you guys know how long do I have to wait post interviews to receive the offer ? Thanks in advance.
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