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  1. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    would it be ok if i ask for ur email address? or sm other efficient way of communication :p
  2. Any idea about when does the registration close before the actual FPGEE exam? They aren’t accepting any applications as of now since FPGEC is undergoing changes. I wanted to appear for April exam. So that’s why asking about registration and test window
  3. Any idea about when does the registration close before the actual exam?
  4. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    No end date for registration is mentioned ?
  5. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    It just says FPGEC is undergoing changes and not accepting applications. That’s it
  6. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    please mention both registration and test window
  7. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    when is registration ending ? i wasnt able to send my application as of yet. they refused to accept one after 25th nov
  8. kleokatra

    APRIL 2020 FPGEE

    from where did you get this information? can you please provide a link for source?
  9. FPGEE | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy all the steps are elaborated in detail in application bulletin section. they are not accepting applications right now
  10. im planning to appear for april 2020 exam. i haven't yet given the test. the material provided upon test registration by nabp is enough for preparation.
  11. hello please update a little, was the application accepted before deadline (20th march 2019)? did your wife appear in April exam? FPGEE isn't accepting applications since they are undergoing some changes, however, i have ordered by ECE report in mean time im aiming to submit all the dox within 1st week of jan, since i too am aiming to appear in April exam 2020
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