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  1. Hi everyone. I"m 33 and I got a Msc in math 6 years ago. Grades were not stellar but ok. GRE quite good. I decided I want to get into an economics MSc with the idea of pursuing a PhD after it. I think this plan only makes sense If I manage to get into a very good PhD program, so the question is: What programs in Europe have good placement in the US AND would perhaps accept me? P.S. Talked to Bocconi for ESS the other day and they told me that while they like my background and my GRE, I'm too old for the other students and surely would not fit in socially, so they would be very likely to reject me. Said they would probably accept me for MAFINRISK instead. I was a bit shocked at first, but can see their point. Just gave you this anecdote to add info.
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